Performance of Top Malaysia Small Cap Companies 30 Jewels 2013

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Jewel again

2013 is coming to an end. So it is a good time to recap the performance of Top Malaysia Small Cap Companies 30 Jewels 2013. (see here on where to get the full research doc) The performance is compared against the reference date of 6 August 2013. There is more gainers than losers in the list as 2013 is considered a bullish year where our KLCI is making new HISTORICAL highs.

2014 will be the year of price hikes in Malaysia. Toll up, electricity price up, food up, ice up, everything up EXCEPT our salaries.

Disclaimer: I don't have any stocks from the list below though. If you are subscriber to my newsletter, you will know which one I own.

Merry Christmas 2013

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Merry Christmas 2013
Our Savior is born today

I wish my readers a Merry Merry Christmas. It is a season of joy and giving.

Debit and Credit Card Safety Tips for the Holidays

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Holiday season for shopping
Shopping for the holidays

As the holidays draw nearer, there seems to be a lot of reasons to go out there and shop. There are gifts to buy and wrap and there are office parties to get clothes for. Aside from that, there are vacations to pack for and gas to put in the tank for those trips. The holidays can be a seemingly endless stream of expenses and it can be tempting to take out a personal loan just to be able to afford all the things that you want to get for friends and family.

For many out there, all that shopping will be completed after swiping their debit or credit card. All this activity can draw the attention of people who want to steal your credit card information so they could use your credit card as they might be hoping you wouldn’t notice the charge on your statement with all the shopping you did. Here then are some debit and credit card safety tips to keep in mind as you shop for the holidays.

Kris's Heart is Broken

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Don't need word to describe it

I will not be blogging for a while, just too HEARTBROKEN. T.T

Just got delivered  served bad news ("Can we remain friends?" line) thru Facebook Messenger, which in my mind starts to flash incoming bad bad news.

I have no regrets though doing what I did to woo her heart. She is really worth the effort and time.

Let me go thru Christmas recovering as I will face countless challenges on my work life balance soon also.

P.S I start to believe that true sincerity will not work in this modern world, it is the cunning and the suave of the tongue that will win a girl's heart!!

Let me learn to be an asshole of an guy, as long as I can win the sole heart of a single girl that I like.

Low Cost House In Penang Island

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low cost house application
low cost house application

Saw that the application starts today: 3,000 forms gone in 5 minutes!! wow. Anyone that knows anyone that is eligible for it, please quickly go apply for a low cost housing so that you don't waste money to paying rent for someone else.

I wonder whether this will give some amount of pressure to the ruling government to start caring for the Rakyat after the countless unfulfilled election promises. Transparency is very important as everyone wants to own their own prices at affordable prices, especially on Penang Island hence the balloting.

Either way, this is a good cooling measure by Penang government, I wonder whether Selangor/KL would implement such measures. Although I think that might hamper some economic growth in the Greater KL area. Penang is a little different as most of its major infrastructure is located on the limited space on the island. 

For example, building/moving the airport to Mainland Penang will drastically shift the economic center of gravity.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the Penang Development Corporation has been ordered to build 19,973 low-cost houses, low-medium cost houses and affordable homes in all five districts in the state.
“The state government currently has a RM500mil fund to kickstart the project. To be fair to all, if there are extra units, we will conduct a ballot.
“An auditing firm will be employed to monitor the balloting to ensure there is no misappropriation,” he said.
On the criticism hurled at the state government on the proposed new housing rules, Lim said that they were ready to face any consequences.
“People who want to shoot or lambast us may do so but we will not back down for trying to help first-time house buyers,” Lim told a press conference after launching the event.
Among the 10 locations for the low-cost and affordable housing projects are Jalan S.P. Chelliah, Teluk Kumbar, Jelutong and Pintasan Cecil on the island and in Batu Kawan, Kampung Jawa, Mak Mandin, Ampang Jajar, Bukit Mertajam and Juru on the mainland.
Under the new rules to regulate affordable homes, owners of affordable homes (below RM400,000 on the island and RM250,000 on the mainland) will be barred from reselling them in the first five years.
Owners of public housing (low-cost units and low medium-cost units) bought for RM72,500 or less cannot sell their units within 10 years.
The deadline to submit the application forms for houses in Jalan S.P. Chelliah is March 31 next year. For those applying for houses at other locations, the deadline is June 30.
Those who are interested can also download the form at
All application forms can be submitted at Level 3 in Komtar or at the state assemblymen service centres.

Make Passive Income Money Using Pinbooster

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Do you ever heard of Pinterest before?

Here is my Pinterest account:

Here is how you can make passive income on your pinterest account?

Just sign up for

It is a website that allows you to monetize your pinterest account by pinning the advertiser's picture on your account.

Below is my PinBooster account, basically has a very simple layout that shows my number of followers, pins and boards. I can set how much a single ad that appear on my pinterest will cost to the advertisers if they desired to advertise with me. Quite simple actually.

PinBooster Dashboard -Simple and sleek

When Platinum Credit Cards Is Not Longer Exclusive

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Platinum credit card
Platinum Cards from Hong Leong - Good benefit when buying GSC Movie Tickets

Nowadays Platinum Credit cards are no longer so exclusive since the banks are more willing to dish this out to anyone that want to. I have a few of them; simply for the following reasons:

1. To enjoy some of the benefits that is entitled to platinum card holders. Nowadays the benefits are not so great in the first place, but it is better than holding a Gold or Silver credit card.

2. To enjoy the free gifts or cash rebates dished out when you subscribe to a new card. Platinum credit cards have high cash rebates. (in RM of hundreds range)

3. Help out my friend in the credit card marketing field. Platinum cards will give them a very high commission rates. It does not hurt that if the marketing agent is a pretty girl (; in the real world, people MAY treat you differently once they see your financial statement. But my friend is a nice person, so I help her out :D

I once had to HESITANTLY submit my EPF account info as "some" strigent credit card application requirements besides my salary slip. Not sure whether it is really that necessary or otherwise (you tell me). See here for my thoughts on this

4. Lastly, to enjoy some of the cash rebate when I shop using my credit cards. And here is more benefits to owning a credit card

I notice the following though:  Local banks tends to be very conservative hence they give me very low credit card limits. Or maybe my service to debt ratio is very high already? 

Remember your credit card limits will be reflected in the CCRIS report, and might impact your application for property loans or hire loans.

For this platinum card from Hong Leong, it cannot really beat my 5 digit credit card limit from a foreign based bank. See here

P.S Today is "131213" & Friday the 13th.

New Disadvantages of Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) ?

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Losing Money
Money Flying Away

As you all know, the tax deductions for Private Retirement Scheme only cover up to RM3,000 of contribution per annum. The youtube video statement by Rafizi is worrisome because of his claims below on some recent tax clause changes are harmful for those that invest money into private retirement funds. Disclaimer : I am not 100% sure on whether the claims are true as purportedly in the video.

New Penang Property Measures In 2014 To Curb Bubble

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Saw this just posted on the website today!! HOT HOT. Kudos to Lim Guan Eng for coming up with this solution, BAD News for Penang property flippers, especially on item highlighted as RED. 

The measures is somewhat similar to what is done by the Singaporean government. But the Singaporean government takes even more drastic measures to curb foreign money from bubbling up the property scene. My friend wanted to buy a property in Singapore as a investment diversification but found out that there is alot of 'not so encouraging' laws for foreigners to buy property there. (For example, if you are a foreigner and decides to rent out your property to earn passive income, that income is taxed heavily!!. That is what I heard from my friend) However, of course this does not stop the ultra rich china millionaires/billionaires rushing to invest their spare change into Singapore's property market.

Will Your Salary Increase 15% This Year?

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New Electric Tariff
Just heard the MORE bad news to average Malaysians this year over the radio during the evening. The electric tariff have just increased by ~15% by Tenaga. I bet Tenaga stock price will shoot up tomorrow as this surely will just bring in more profit to them but more hardship for the rakyat.

So question to you? Can you get a 15% raise in salary this year? I bet it is hard unless you are a politician in Selangor where they just got a super high pay raise :D

So better think of ideas to make more $$$, life just gets harder for the average Joes.

The Rise Of Penny Stocks

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big bang theory
Penny & the Geeks
Penny stocks is still smoldering hot in Bursa Malaysia, with high volumes everyday. Across the straits aka Singapore, the recent saga involving sky-rocketing penny stocks caused a mini-meltdown of the Singaporean stock market one fine day. A few billion worth of stock value were wiped off in a single day. Hence, the Singaporean securities is on a witch hunt to find the culprits involved in the stock manipulation. And Goldman Sachs got sued too due to involuntarily "helping distressed" major shareholder of the "penny stocks" to sell at huge losses when the stock prices tanks because the collateral value shrinks.