The Rise Of Penny Stocks

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Penny & the Geeks
Penny stocks is still smoldering hot in Bursa Malaysia, with high volumes everyday. Across the straits aka Singapore, the recent saga involving sky-rocketing penny stocks caused a mini-meltdown of the Singaporean stock market one fine day. A few billion worth of stock value were wiped off in a single day. Hence, the Singaporean securities is on a witch hunt to find the culprits involved in the stock manipulation. And Goldman Sachs got sued too due to involuntarily "helping distressed" major shareholder of the "penny stocks" to sell at huge losses when the stock prices tanks because the collateral value shrinks.

  • So the million dollar question is when will the party end?
  • KLCI have been gyrating between 1780-1800 a few times, it is just a matter of time before it needs to decide whether to stay above 1800 or below it.

I really like this groups cover renditions. They were the finalist (i think) of Sing-Off, something similar like American Idol but the show is lesser known to Malaysian shores here.

Pentatonix!! - Look & sound very cool, especially the 'special effect' African American with the X-Men Cyclops eyegear.