Wary Of Such Scammy Posts in Facebook

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Seen alot of these being shared out on Facebook. These posts look sketchy, as they don't even mention how to do achieve the ludicrous gains. Instead they ask you to PM them. Lo and behold, many of the schemes asks you to invest a sum of money where the operator will so call invest in high risk instruments such as options.

If it sounds to good to be true, it is likely not. If they claim they can generate such high return, why do they need to spend time spamming the same post on Facebook every day! Sounds begging to me!

Post #1
Invest and earn WEEKLY
completely legal way
No need to sell stuffs 
No need to beg
No need to worry getting scammed (yeah, i am worried!)
Start small and build
**only few weeks left (ah, playing with the scarcity effect)
So PM me first if you are really really interested and start straight away.

Post #2
Im looking for a handful of people only who are really in need to earn extra cash in a weekly basis.
Weekly earning capability can be up to RM8700 per week or more if done right. (if done wrong, and total loss how ah??)
Not scam,mlm or promoting anything. ( a robber saying that he is not a robber..sounds familiar???)
Potentially replace your salary if you do it right. Again only a handful of people im willing to help start. (ever-so helpful to help people to part with their hard earn money) So pm me directly if interested tq.

Post #3
Earn while you sleep while you can. (wah so easy ah, then everyone so stupid for working)
Rm3400 to Rm8700 per week
Earning is weekly based. Direct into your acc on the 7th day. 
This is not moneygame,scam or mlm. Completely legal. (looks like NO shame in saying these statements)
Pm me for info tq

How To Trade in US Stocks in 2020 For Malaysian

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My first post in 2020..lol. Still confinding myself to my own home and avoid going out to crowdy places in the current post recovery Covid19 timeframe. The stock market aka Wall Street is going uptrend while the Main Street is starting to see recessionary effects. (you now can see some of the restaurant and shops never re-open, as the strain of remaining close for the last 2 months or so while needing to sustain business cost such as rental, employee salary is just too overwhelming).

Rubber gloves are soaring to meteoric and dizzying prices :- some roughly 800%-1000% gains making companies such as TopGlove, Supermax, Harta, Kossan gaining additional BILLIONs of their stock market capitalization.

Digressing from the topic, 

So how to buy US stocks in Malaysia:

1. Open foreign stock trading account thru our local brokerages: CIMB, Maybank, Ambank, etc.

  • You can get 1:1 in person support from remisier or broker representative to answer and questions.

  • You need to do the necessary "paper" work. (dont notice any online sign-on)
  • Very high brokerage fees in Malaysia making it not suitable to day trade or buying US stocks in small amount. Roughly >USD25 per trade (regardless of buy and sell)
  • Cannot do short selling (yes, i know most Malaysian will be very happy if we can do the true short-selling and NOT our "fake" BURSA restricted short selling...hahaha or trade in more exotic investments such as options, ETF, forex.
  • No real time stock price feed available
  • Conversion rate from MYR to USD might not be so good. (you first need to convert your money to USD before you can trade US platform. And in some of the local brokers, you might need to convert to some intermediary currency first like SGD. 

2. Directly open an international/US stock brokerage account (Etrade, Ameritrade-Schwab, InteractiveBrokers, RobinHood ).  **Unfortunately, Robinhood is not open to non-US residents...

  • Everything is done online (KYC, deposit transfer) and in a very speedy manner. And it is easy too. A new account can be opened within just a 3-4 days, provided of course you did your homework and gave them all the necessary legal KYC documents.
  • Brokerage is very very cheap and lower. It can be like around USD1 to USD7 depending on broker.
  • Live feed - depends on platform, either you need to pay or is free. Usually free means higher brokerage fees. (people need to earn money mah! Of course except the innovative "RobinHood". Go google on how they make money thru zero brokerage commissions).
  • Conversion rate is very good in some platform. Note: I only observed a few platforms.
  • Can trade multiple investment instruments: Options, Forex, ETF, etc.


  • You might need to do some searching yourself on how to do everything online. Usually, the platform's online chat is very helpful to resolve most of your issues.
  • You might need to overcome your "online" fears whether it is secure or not as most of this platforms are not from Malaysia. Hence always put your money and trade with the well established names like what i described earlier.
So instead of reinventing the wheel: 

Here is a good guide by a fellow Malaysian (I assume), Jerry Ng  on the step by step way to open a international/US stock trading account. Credits to him.

Interactive Brokers


Will not go into deeper details on the comparison between Interactive Brokers vs Etrade platform for the time being. If you do have a questions, do feel post in the comments! If i know the answer, i can help to answer, else..it is Mr. Google. :)

Guest Post: Becoming An Author

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Have you always wanted to become an author? Have you been wanting to write a romance novel, a thriller, a science fiction book, but don't know how? Do you know that writing an Ebook about your service or product will help your business? Click on this link to get help -> bit.ly/2RZWfKG

Well recently, my business partner actually did brought up that one day that I should write a book on our business adventures and tribulations. Well, I still having thoughts about this... Maybe when we reach a certain level of success that i should consider this.

Google SCAM Screenshot

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This is one sample of the google scam that spam my inbox today.
I supposedly will get 950,000 pound!! which translates to RM5Million!!

#If it is too good to be true, then it is likely to be scam

Guest Post:Cross Border Financial Planning In Canada

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An RCA is perhaps the most effective and misunderstood tax deferment opportunity that exists in Canada today. It may be used for a wide range of situations, including small business owners, athletes, incorporated professionals, highly paid executives receiving yearly bonuses, and those approaching retirement. In 1986 it was recognized by the CRA that individuals not participating in a defined benefits plan suffered from pension discrimination. In other words, because of RRSP and IPP contribution caps, there was no effective way to use existing Canadian pensions provisions to duplicate the ability to save for one’s retirement under the defined benefits formula of: (average of best five earning years) * (number of years worked) * 2%. Without this, those not participating in a defined benefits plan may not be able to reach a full pension of 70% of pre-retirement income (known in pension circles as an 85 or 90 factor, depending upon the specific defined benefits plan).

Read more of the article here

Hashtag: Cross Border Financial Planning, Cross Border Tax Planning

Banking Software - Core Banking Software - Ewallet software

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Image result for ewallet

Secure Paymentz is the best Banking Software Script for your Banking project. Get your core banking software as soon as possible.

USA Loans Avenue

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In the US, there is a lot of avenues to get loans for personal financing versus the options available in Malaysia. (Besides the Ah Long aka Loan Shark)
Below is a good link for the US folks on all the available options.
Loans Like Lendup


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Just noticed that I been so so much away from this blog of mine. And very much away from the personal finance scene. I have been busy with other interest of mine.

So maybe i restart the blogging habits again in 2018?? New year resolutions?? lol..

Many tales to write....

Meanwhile..some guest posting about the most spectacular asset rise in 2017..~480% !!!

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U.S Presidential Face-Off Clinton Vs Trump

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Today is election day: The face-off between Clinton Vs Trump.

I am rooting for Clinton as Trump is just un-fit/un-experienced/BS talker. Just listen at the presidential debates.

Nevertheless, since I am not a US citizen nor voters, the entire US election is like "wayang" to me. Trump reminds me of many of our local politicians. Maybe our politicians "mentality" infected Trump. 

It has been some time since i blog, and I am sad to see that my blog's html has been distorted, must be due to some changes to blogger itself.

When I have time, I will come and fix it..now I am just too busy...

Sarawak Votes 7 May 2016

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Here we go!!

Malaysia Tax 2015 New Submission Dateline

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EquityCrowdFunding (ECF) Pitchin's 1st Attempt @Malaysia

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Waiting In Anticipation..

Recently Pitchin came to Penang to do a roadshow: Its purpose is to highlight  & educate the general public that they are coming out with the 1st issuer under the scheme around Mid May (I think). 

Happy Easter 2016

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Happy Easter! Alleluia the LORD has risen!

This year 2016 is a special extraordinary Year of Jubilee of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. It is the year of mercy. Typically, the Jubilee is only declared once in every 25 years. Here is where the Holy Door's at designated churches are opened for the faithful to walk thru. There are special indulgences that can be gain during this Jubilee of Mercy.

CrowdFunding For Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

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Good ideas means easy money will rush in??? 

Attended a good introductory seminar by SAMENTA on the crowdfunding scheme in Malaysia; particularly crowdfunding for Small & Medium Enterprise (SME). 

Previously I read alot of about crowdfunding online and the recent development in Malaysia where the Securities Commission (yes, the same folks over-seeing Bursa Malaysia) have provided a LEGAL framework to legalize and standardize the crowdfunding process.