PTPTN 20% Discount & 10% Discount : Should You Pay Up?

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I am not sure whether it is the political gimmick, or election pressures to appease the previous Occupy Dataran Merdeka movement by PTPTN borrowers or that that the Govt/PTPTN just woke up & realised that recovering some money from the borrowers is better than none. 

In Bolehland, delay in payments will always result in getting "better" deals. For example, you get 50% discounts when you clear your boatload of speeding tickets at a certain time period. I hope non of my readers got alot of speeding tickets due to the "fearsome" AES camera network system, where makes speed demons quiver clutching their wallet. But of course, getting a discount in PTPTN is a GOOD thing, it can save you some substantial money :D

So the question is that How Much Money You Will Save?

The answer is .... drum roll please... 


That is the amount of savings you get if you clear all the outstanding PTPTN loans in one single lump sum. However, the offer only stands from 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013.

The 20% discount really generates deep regrets for those that are diligent in their loan repayments. But hey, who can predict that PTPTN decided to give huge discount light of the highly anticipated election year!

Here are some of the defails of the offer

See here for more detail.

For those that cannot pay in lump sum, fret NOT, there is also a chance of getting a 10% discount but the percentage of that happening for delinquent borrowers are very slim. The MAIN reason is:

You need to maintain a monthly repayment for 1 year from October 2012 to October 2013. If you missed or late a single monthly repayment, you are NO longer eligible. For delinquet borrowers, paying a consistent amount each month can be a BIG BIG challenge.

Worry not..if you suddenly struck the jackpot or becomes diligent, you still eligible for the 10% discount, if you make 1 year advance repayment or MORE. Meaning if that if you are required to pay RM100 per month, you can get the 10% discount if you pay RM1200 in one short. So you will get a discount of RM120. If you make more than RM1200 repayment, lets say RM2000, you will get RM200 discount instead (10% of RM2000)

See here for more detail.

So the Main Question is How The 20% Discount is Calculated and Where/How To Pay?!

KnowThyMoney will attempt to answer this: THE GREATEST fear for most borrowers is the following:

Clear up the lump sum loan and WAIT WAIT for the 20% discount to be REBATED back after a period of time. And in Bolehland, that period of time can be a long long time.

Fortunately, the smart people at PTPTN did not follow this route which instead be a national disaster and not to mention, providing some ammo to political parties out there vying for attention.

So How Does PTPTN calculate the 20% Discount?

The Answer: PTPTN calculates the 20% discount on the spot aka REAL TIME when the borrowers approached them in their physical branches located all over Malaysia. See their location here:

Form of Payment

Of course, you can settle the loan in cold hard cash. But with the high crime rate lately on the news, it is highly NOT RECOMMENDED. You can pay with a bank draft (not so practical unless, you know the exact final amount after the discount. A caution: Please DON't be a SMART ALECK and calculate yourself the final amount. KnowThyMoney found out thru friends that there are some charges like the takaful insurance charges that are NOT covered by the 20% discount. Nevertheless, the takaful insurance is not so significant and is of small amount. 

Yes, PTPTN insures your life by default, to avoid you croaking without paying back a single cent. Something like MRTA, it is only sufficient to cover the deceased's outstanding loans at the time of departure and NOT a fixed huge lump sum like the typical life insurance.

You can also issue personal checks to settle the amount. And PTPTN gives you a grace period of ~2 weeks, if I am not mistaken to wait for your transaction to go thru before voiding the final loan amount and they need to recalculate again the new higher total amount. Finally, NO sorry you cannot pay with credit card!! :D

Previously I gave 5 reasons to reject the PTPTN 1% ujrah contract. See link here below, BUT NOW, KnowThyMoney highly IMPLORES you to take the 20% or 10% discount options to pare down your debts!! This is the chance of the lifetime as I don't forsee PTPTN to be  so goody goody good  and provide further future discounts!!!

Debts/loans borrowed must be repay. That is the duty & responsibility of a borrower.

Mark 12:17 "Well, then," Jesus said, "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God." His reply completely amazed them.

Don't be like this guy in the Cartoon if you miss this opportunity to reduce your PTPTN loan debt!!


  1. Anonymous // 9:33 PM  

    but how do i know the discount is deduct from my loan?? i did not receive any statement from ptptn also~

  2. Kris // 10:10 PM  

    They will deduct it on the spot for you when you ask them. You have like a duration to pay up before they need to recalculate it again since interest will still be incur unless you clear everything.

  3. Anonymous // 10:12 AM  

    Thanks for the great info! I want to pay now because of the discount is too great to be missed out. Thanks Kris!

  4. Melody // 2:51 PM  

    if tis month i paid at 5th, next month paid at 15th. and difference date on every month. can i get the 10% discount?

  5. Melody // 2:52 PM  

    if i paid at difference date at every month, can i still get the 10% discount?

  6. clintay // 6:10 PM  

    can i pay my outstandig ptptn loan and get 20% discount via internet banking?

  7. Kris // 9:43 PM  


    You need to make sure CONSECUTIVE 12 monthly payment from 12 October 2013 onwards for the 10%. The 10% is based of the total 12 monthly payment. If you did not start payment from 12 Oct 2013, then you are not qualified anymore :(


    You need to go the nearest PTPTN and pay the final amount total - 20% that can be calculated on the spot by the PTPTN officer.

    Hope this helps!!

  8. Anonymous // 12:31 PM  

    Hi Kris,
    Is that the bank draft must be in exactly total amount after 20% discount? Or maybe i can add in some cash if the bank draft doesn't reach my final total loan (plus all those takaful insurance, etc)

  9. Kris // 9:44 AM  

    @Anon ,to need to be exact actually. But why do you want to pay more. Just bring additional cash to cover the extras. :D

  10. Kris // 9:44 AM  

    @Anon, typo. No need to be exact.