U.S Presidential Face-Off Clinton Vs Trump

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Today is election day: The face-off between Clinton Vs Trump.

I am rooting for Clinton as Trump is just un-fit/un-experienced/BS talker. Just listen at the presidential debates.

Nevertheless, since I am not a US citizen nor voters, the entire US election is like "wayang" to me. Trump reminds me of many of our local politicians. Maybe our politicians "mentality" infected Trump. 

It has been some time since i blog, and I am sad to see that my blog's html has been distorted, must be due to some changes to blogger itself.

When I have time, I will come and fix it..now I am just too busy...

Sarawak Votes 7 May 2016

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Here we go!!

Malaysia Tax 2015 New Submission Dateline

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EquityCrowdFunding (ECF) Pitchin's 1st Attempt @Malaysia

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Waiting In Anticipation..

Recently Pitchin came to Penang to do a roadshow: Its purpose is to highlight  & educate the general public that they are coming out with the 1st issuer under the scheme around Mid May (I think). 

Happy Easter 2016

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Happy Easter! Alleluia the LORD has risen!

This year 2016 is a special extraordinary Year of Jubilee of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. It is the year of mercy. Typically, the Jubilee is only declared once in every 25 years. Here is where the Holy Door's at designated churches are opened for the faithful to walk thru. There are special indulgences that can be gain during this Jubilee of Mercy.

CrowdFunding For Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

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Good ideas means easy money will rush in??? 

Attended a good introductory seminar by SAMENTA on the crowdfunding scheme in Malaysia; particularly crowdfunding for Small & Medium Enterprise (SME). 

Previously I read alot of about crowdfunding online and the recent development in Malaysia where the Securities Commission (yes, the same folks over-seeing Bursa Malaysia) have provided a LEGAL framework to legalize and standardize the crowdfunding process. 

KLSE Stock 3 Yrs Improving Revenue & Profit

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Just looking thru some of the resilient stocks in KLSE.

  • Current rebound looks shaky. 
  • Low overall volume & value
  • Top 10 highest volume dominated by losers.
  • DJIA show weakness admidst strength 

Gong Xi Fa Cai Monkey Year 2016

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Gong Xi Fa Cai
Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016
I want to wish everyone a Happy Lunar Chinese New Year and Happy holidays to all. Have fun and stay safe.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

It has been a very rainy chinese year this year, not many fireworks, in general the celebration has been muted because of the weather. (perhaps the economy this year plays a part?)

Today is Chor 3 or Day 3 of Chinese New Year.

And I already watch 3 movies at the Cinema once I am back at my hometown :P

Shanghai Drop Another 6% Today

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Shanghai Index Lost another 6%

Looks like -6% is becoming a norm for the China Market! 


Bearish January 2016

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Bearish Market

Project Silencer 2016

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Silence is Golden

I been not blogging for a while because I am very busy with work and my other projects. However this past months, I got a much needed reality check on so many fronts.

Here are the realization that I got based on the interaction with my friends (some among my closest friends.)

Black Monday 2016

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Merry Christmas 2015

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Merry Christmas to all my Christian brothers and sisters. Rejoice! for a saviour is born today!

And a Happy long holidays for all my readers out there. Stay safe and have fun spending time with your families. 

We All Deserves Happiness - A Single Guy Perspective

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Simple Truth But Often Overlooked

Among the most popular topics that I have everytime I have a coffechat with my close friends is the following:

1. When are you going to find a girlfriend/life partner?

Well, I think this is a normal question posed especially married friends to single people they know of (I think they secretly wants you to feel the pain joy of marriage. I still think that you need to be mentally & financially prepared as you step down the aisle and take up heavy responsibilities. Being single can be fun too!. There is no harm of being single.)

The next question/comment is the one that really PISSED me off and got me to write this post.