Olympic London2012

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After Euro2012, comes the London2012 Olympic. I missed the opening ceremony though. T.T

There is a push to London/England to promote itself a tech city hence this futuristic mascots. I seen some  of the ads promotion at various International airports oversea.

Cool facts about London2012

Nice Coca Cola designs

Friday Jokes: Lee Chong Wei Talking To Lin Dan

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Okey, it is Friday and for some fun. I really need to comment on this when I saw this photo going viral on FB.

What did Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan talked about??

LCW: Remember to lose to me in London Olympic final later ok?? 

Lin Dan: Here is my HP number. Remember to call me to congrat me when I won the gold medal for the 2nd time!!!

Scam Letters: Work In US Fishery Company

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Another no brainer scam letter sent to my work email. I wonder how this got pass my company's filters.

--> Free flight ticket to US? I don't think it is easy in the first to get a VISA for these job positions. 
--> I don't think it is hard to fill these position with US citizens in the first place.

REF: APEX/JB/TX/0864/12.
Dear Employee,
E - Mail your CV TO (
hr@apexfisheriesinc.com )

The Apex Fisheries Inc. Recruitment team has reviewed your CV / Resume,  below you will find the current positions where expatriates are needed in our Company. Positions: A) Fish Packing (b) Fish Cutting (c) Company Security (d) Office Cleaner (e)Cook. (f) Lobsters (g) Drivers (h) Store manager (i) Sales Executive (j)Store Keeper (k)Branch Manager.

Apex Fisheries Inc. Need 400 workers to sum up the already registered one as many workers will be leaving the company because of the expiration of their contract with the company.

JOB SITE: Apex Fisheries Inc. Unit 3008 Spruce Drive,Richardson, TEXAS 75080 USA

We offer competitive pay and a strong benefits package,The company also give its applicants (employer) an accommodation that will last him for the period of 5 years in which their contract will last and it’s liable to renew it upon the company's agreement.

And other related disciplines. CONDITIONS/SALARY INDICATION:
(A) $40,000.00 - $100,000.00 US$ (quarterly) depending on qualifications and experiences negotiable.

Do you have a dream working in Texas? The Company further encourages all applicants to forward their respective application/resumes directly to the following addresses (
hr@apexfisheriesinc.com ) for more details you may wish to call undersigned for urgent response!

Sara Jones
HR Coordinator
Apex Fisheries Inc.
Unit 3008 Spruce Drive,
Richardson, TEXAS 75080 USA
Email :

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What Is Limit Up & Limit Down In Bursa Malaysia?

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Here is the definition of Limit Up & Limit Down for Bursa Malaysia stocks. Basically, in Malaysia having a limit up event happening on your stock is a good thing and you can smile all the way to the bank.

Limit down events however, will make you cry. So far, those highly speculative stocks aka pump & dump are the ones very susceptible to limit downs. It can happen continuously over a few sessions/days, even though the counter already halted in the previous trading sessions. The main reason will be that the bad news will usually comes out in bit and pieces and slowly kills the hope of those punters that are willing to catch the falling knife for a quick gain.

In my experience, "Limit Up" usually happens in one session only .The good news about the stock's privatization & take-over usually comes with an announced FIXED price tag. So everyone knows what the stock will be worth and also usually the premium price paid for the privatization will not be so high to warrant a double limit up. 

Trading Limits (except new listings)

Stock > RM1 
Limit Up: 30% Limit Down:30%

Stock < RM1
Limit Up: 30cent Limit Down:30cent

Trading Limits for new listings (including IPO listings)

Stock > RM1 
Limit Up: 400% Limit Down:30%

Stock < RM1
Limit Up: 400% or 30cent whichever is higher Limit Down:30cent

RHBINVEST Program Trading Feature

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Although these features are very common for US brokerage accounts, however it is not so common to our local brokerage trading systems. It can be quite useful to active trader/investors that is too busy to always monitor the stock market.

IMHO, program trading can also be a double edged sword. Smart money or market makers are known to identify "stop limit' points and break it down quickly so that they can buy low and sell high later. However of course, the effectiveness of this strategy on our local KLCI depends on how many our local users are utilizing the "stop limit" order in their trades. 

It has been said that many investors invest emotionally and lose money. Some even argue that one of the biggest barriers to winning in trading is the human emotion - Greed, Fear and Hope. Would you like to take the emotions out of your trading? Now, you can with RHBInvest Program Trading.

We are pleased to announce that RHBInvest Program Trading will be available to you now.

With RHBInvest Program Trading, you can now enjoy the following 4 powerful trading features that will certainly enhance your trading strategy.

1. You can now set your cut loss level with "Stop Limit" Order

Do not let the bottom fell out of your favourite stocks again. Use the Stop Limit Order to set your cut loss level to minimize your losses. Obviously, having a stop loss in place is to get out of a losing position before the price falls further. You can also use Stop Limit Order to lock in your profits.

2. You can now set "Conditional Order"

Conditional Order is another useful tool. Sometimes you may want to place an order upon the stock reaching a certain price or the price moves beyond a certain point. The Conditional Order allows you to enter into a trade without having to constantly monitor the market price. It can be used for both BUY and SELL order.

3. You can now set your "Good Till Cancel" Order

With this feature, you do not have to waste time to keep entering the same order every day. Your orders will last for 30 days until it is fully matched or until you cancel the order.

4. You can now set your "Good Till Done" Order

This feature allows you to set a date for your order to be matched. Your orders will last until it is fully matched or cancelled or up to the specified date within 30 days. That saves a lot of time.

All the above useful trading features are located on RHBInvest's Buy/Sell Trading Pad.

Join KnowThyMoney At Pinterest

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Pinterest is a very popular application in the US. I think it is not so popular yet in Malaysia compared to Instagram aka the USD1 Billion company bought over to Facebook. I tried a search on "Malaysia" and I don't find as many "Board" out there. 

Here is my username --> http://pinterest.com/knowthymoney/

Btw, you cannot just signed up Pinterest and start using it away. You need to wait to get "invited" by Pinterest which means usually you need to wait a few days before they approve your application. However, I have NO idea how they do the selection process.

However, I can invite you into Pinterest :)

Just drop me a message at my Facebook page and I will add you in.


Furthermore, Pinterest only has an IPhone App, there is NO official Android apps yet. However, some programmers decided to come out with their own apps to display & log into Pinterest.

I am still experimenting with it. Basically , it is similar to Instagram but with alot of picture on your display screen such as you are "pinning" pictures to a huge board. Thus uploading your picture is called "Pin".

Here is a board that I created. It is a collection of the lenglui photo's that I uploaded in my www.knowthymoney.com website over the years. I don't know what to Pin up so I started with this and the collection of books that I finished reading. The display arrangement for my pins is fantastic and pretty to the eye. Of course the girls are pretty too :)

My pinterest account @knowthymoney. Come and become my Pinterest followers if you are interested.

RHBINVEST's RHBSCREENER Walkthrough Review Part 3: Strategy Builder

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This last feature is undoubtedly the final accumulation of the "Technical Insight"'s & "Value Analyzer"'s power & strength into the RHBINVEST RHBScreener tool. It is the "Strategy Builder". At first I thought it is something similar to the "Value Analyzer" as you can key in the financial criteria that you want in a search in its universe of stocks. 

However, upon more inspection, this "Strategy Builder" is actually a tool for you to do some serious back-testing on your investment strategy either by using Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis or both. We will see more screenshots explaining more on this later on.

Here you can pick the criteria to build your screening filters. I just simply key in a few values and it comes out with 7 matches.  There is a fair amount of preset screening filters based on certain TA and FA signals provided by Recognia Inc which is actually the provider of the tool aka RHBScreener to RHBINVEST.

And if you are still adamant on building your own filter, there is a lot of advanced settings that you can choose  from and tweak to fine tune your stock picking strategy!!

Pre-selected strategies are provided and you can also use the filters created by the community. Sharing is caring :) (Although I am not sure how many people are willing to share out their winning formula to others without any return in mind. Yes, it is a selfish world in the stock market world. Well that is a reality in this practical world!!)

The result summary provides good explanation about the GOAL, STRATEGY & BEWARE (weakness) of the pre-build strategy. Every strategy has its strength and flaws, so this summary will give the user some fundamental idea on how the strategy should play out.

In the result page, clicking a stock will trigger the information below to be displayed. It basically shows how the stock measure up and fulfilled the criterias specified in the selected strategy.

More detailed results selection tab.

Performance tab is where you can do some serious back-testing of your strategy that you build up previously.


I can compare the performance of my strategy against various benchmarking namely the stock Indexes. Here I used the KLCI as a comparison to my screening over 2008 to 2012. Looks like my strategy only out-perform the index from July 2011 onwards.

To produce a good strategy or mechanical system ,it must be subjected to strenuous back-testing  against various markets , Indexes and economic conditions. Of course, all the back-testing is just a "projection" of how the returns will be. In real life, the most difficult challenge is the ability to stick to your system regardless of turbulence your portfolio that you might suffer in the unpredictable stock market.

Lastly, you can see more related pre-build screens.

Conclusion: As the brokerage industry consolidates and competition increases, in order to differentiate their products and services , brokerage companies must be able to provide value added services to the retailers. 

This could be used to maintain and increase customer loyalty. Honestly, with the age of fast Internet connection, the brokerage commission rate is expected to drop over the years and is not a major differentiator between the brokerage firms. So a excellent online stock system is a MUST. 

Well, RHBINVEST is certainly going in the correct and positive direction with the introduction of this screener. 

My wishlist is that at least the basic features: "Technical Insight" & "Value Analyzer" will continue to be free of charge for RHBINVEST clients after the trial period ended. And keep the "Strategy Builder" feature as a premium feature as the back-testing feature is EXPECTED to be the revenue earner for any screener software/system. If this is doable, I have no doubt that a lot of retailers are going to switch brokerage to RHBINVEST because this tool is quite powerful. :) 

So the next question is how the other brokerage firms are going to respond to RHBINVEST's challenge??

Lim Guan Eng Vs Chua Soi Lek Debate 8 July 2012

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Here is the links to the full videos at Youtube. Another interesting and engaging debate. 2nd round , FIGHT!! Ting Ting. At least it does not have any similar "Jessie Ooi" incident.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

RHBINVEST's RHBSCREENER Walkthrough Review Part 2: Value Analyzer

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This is the 2nd part of the posting on RHBINVEST's RHBScreener which does stock selection based on the fundamental aspect of a company. This method of selection is commonly known as Fundamental Analysis or FA. Since a lot of the financial information is summarized into graphs, it is very easy to digest the relevant information.

This is the default overview tab for the Value Analyzer, which will feature some random stock. It will give you some basic information on why the stock is featured as a good stock pick idea. (Next 2 screen-shots will show more reasonings)

If you decide to look up the fundamental analysis of your preferred stock, you can type it in to let the screener work its magic.  It will show the revenue & earning history, the fair value, current value, and high/low price for a certain time frame.

Also given is the information on the outstanding shares, debt to equity ratio, dividend per share (DPS) and the current cash level holdings for your selected stocks. The good feature provided here is that you can do a PDF printout of all the financial graphical information using a simple click on the top right of the page.

If you are in a bargain hunting mode, you can use the "Value Screener" to find stocks that fit certain financial criterias. Using the example below, I am searching for a stock that has a minimum earning growth of 15% and revenue growth of 5% over a 4 financial year period.

Of course stocks that fit my financial selection above is not many, as shown in the search result below. From here, you can select the "Value Lookup" to view more detail information about each individual stocks.

If you are the lazy type or in the search for a new investing idea, you can also do your stock picking based on the "Featured Value Stocks". This is basically, stocks featured by the screener :) I am not sure whether this list will change on a monthly or yearly basis though.

That's all folks. Stay tune for the last part of the RHBINVEST RHBScreener write-up which will touch on the "Strategy Builder" feature.

RHBINVEST's RHBSCREENER Walkthrough Review Part 1: Technical Insight

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First of all, I want to say kudos to RHBINVEST for bringing a powerful to the average investors like you and me. (because it is free for now? :D) So when RHBINVEST opened up the tool for free trial, I quickly signed up and have a run on it. 

IT is FREE for RHBINVEST clients until 31st July 2012. After that, I am not sure how much it will cost to continue its usage. Nevertheless, I personally think this going to be a PREMIUM service as the RHBSCREENER is quite powerful.

You can screen stocks in the following market: Malaysia, Singapore & USA.

It provides 2  main strategies/features to suit each individual's trading style:
1. Technical Insight aka Technical Analysis
2. Value Analyzer aka Fundamental Analysis

The 3rd powerful tool is the "Strategy Builder".

For the 1st part of this blog post, we will go thru the Technical Insight aspect of the screener. There is alot of things to cover  hence the 3-part blog posts. 

P.S I am just sharing my experience with the tool, I doubt I can fully explain in detail or 100% correct all the nitty gritty features. Let the expert folks at RHBINVEST explain it to you in their seminars.

Technical Insight aka Technical Analysis

This is the initial screenshot that you will see in the Technical Insight tab. It is a summary to show which stocks are showing bullish or bearish technical signals. There is also an education tab for you to learn about technical patterns. And you can set an email alert to be sent if your selected stock hit a certain technical pattern.

If you move your cursor over to the stock symbol, it will display its summarized chart information.

Here is the one most powerful feature that you can employed in your stock pick. It is under "Technical Event Screener"

A detail breakdown of the "Technical Event Screener". Here I selected the "Advanced" tab just to show you the available options to play with.

A continuation of the options under "Technical Event Screener". I had to print-screen it to another picture because there is a lot of selection criteria to tweak to your liking.

This is the end product of the selection criterias that you picked earlier on. You can select to see the "Summary" or "Short term" or "Immediate Term" or "Long Term". It can highlight the dates the technical signals occurred during these time frames as shown in the next screenshot.

Here I pick the "Prices Crosses Moving Average (50 days)" which occurred on 14 June 2012 which is a bullish event. It can tell you the definition of the event if you are a newbie to Technical analysis, what is the price when the event is triggered and the volume. From there, you can select more detail information to be displayed on the chart.

That's all folk for Technical Insight. Stay tuned for Part 2: The Value Analyzer which is suitable for those that like to employ fundamental analysis in their stock picks.

SCAM: Fake USM Degrees On Sale

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Innocent graduation photos used as blog cover

I went to the scam website out of curiosity, where the scammers fully declare & acknowledges that this is an illegal activity yet proceed to do it for monetary gains. It degrades the pain, toil & hard work an undergraduate has to undergo to get his/her degree 'legally'. 

Side note is that the English used in the website is really really very broken English. (see mispelling on "gratuate" instead of graduate)

A few 'interesting' content/sell points extracted from the website that really shows that the scammer has no fear of the law.

1.Please spend sometimes read our website, we guarantee you not going to regret it. Not like others seller, we not only selling the certificate, our complete system cover until Local University system, thats mean when your boss or company admin calling to the University trying verifying your certificate, your name will completely inside the system. First in Malaysia, dont waste your time thinking taking the degree courses, come to us, it will saving your time and money!

2.To be honest, we know this definitely will be illegal trading. But don't worry, we always keep our customer privacy as our top priority. This website not going to have any update, i just want to keep this website simple and clean. Just give us a Like on right of the screen if you feel our service is efficient and help a lot. --> Using social media to scam. lol

3. Complete your payment. Receive your genuine certificate within 7days, and your student USM ID will be in system within 14days.

its only applicable for the person who over 17 years old. (be logic, what make you think you can study inside USM before 17) -> For me this is the funniest statement, in case some 17 year old dude decides to buy a degree that could make him a genius to graduate at 17 years old.

4. Our full package pricing will be RM5888 (please do understand this is a fix price and not negotiable, this will completely cheaper compare 3years study at least RM20k inside local University.)

The most atrocious claim is shown below: Perhaps the university's computer system is compromised or this involves an insider job or just outright lie by the scammers. We just need to wait for the police investigations for further interesting developments.

"In University system (most valuable inside our package. the in system mean your name going to appear inside the University system)"

If you think that it is very hard to fool people with a fake degree especially in the technical field, think again. I heard of a violation case from a friend of mine where after a few years of outstanding service, an "engineer" was found to only have a valid Form 5 certificate. His/her degree was a fake.

False degree declaration on your resume could be fatal also to one's career as can be seen with the resignation of the former CEO for YAHOO .inc.