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Posted by Kris | Wednesday, July 11, 2012 | , | 0 comments »

Pinterest is a very popular application in the US. I think it is not so popular yet in Malaysia compared to Instagram aka the USD1 Billion company bought over to Facebook. I tried a search on "Malaysia" and I don't find as many "Board" out there. 

Here is my username -->

Btw, you cannot just signed up Pinterest and start using it away. You need to wait to get "invited" by Pinterest which means usually you need to wait a few days before they approve your application. However, I have NO idea how they do the selection process.

However, I can invite you into Pinterest :)

Just drop me a message at my Facebook page and I will add you in.

Furthermore, Pinterest only has an IPhone App, there is NO official Android apps yet. However, some programmers decided to come out with their own apps to display & log into Pinterest.

I am still experimenting with it. Basically , it is similar to Instagram but with alot of picture on your display screen such as you are "pinning" pictures to a huge board. Thus uploading your picture is called "Pin".

Here is a board that I created. It is a collection of the lenglui photo's that I uploaded in my website over the years. I don't know what to Pin up so I started with this and the collection of books that I finished reading. The display arrangement for my pins is fantastic and pretty to the eye. Of course the girls are pretty too :)

My pinterest account @knowthymoney. Come and become my Pinterest followers if you are interested.