Scam Letters: Work In US Fishery Company

Posted by Kris | Thursday, July 26, 2012 | | 25 comments »

Another no brainer scam letter sent to my work email. I wonder how this got pass my company's filters.

--> Free flight ticket to US? I don't think it is easy in the first to get a VISA for these job positions. 
--> I don't think it is hard to fill these position with US citizens in the first place.

REF: APEX/JB/TX/0864/12.
Dear Employee,
E - Mail your CV TO ( )

The Apex Fisheries Inc. Recruitment team has reviewed your CV / Resume,  below you will find the current positions where expatriates are needed in our Company. Positions: A) Fish Packing (b) Fish Cutting (c) Company Security (d) Office Cleaner (e)Cook. (f) Lobsters (g) Drivers (h) Store manager (i) Sales Executive (j)Store Keeper (k)Branch Manager.

Apex Fisheries Inc. Need 400 workers to sum up the already registered one as many workers will be leaving the company because of the expiration of their contract with the company.

JOB SITE: Apex Fisheries Inc. Unit 3008 Spruce Drive,Richardson, TEXAS 75080 USA

We offer competitive pay and a strong benefits package,The company also give its applicants (employer) an accommodation that will last him for the period of 5 years in which their contract will last and it’s liable to renew it upon the company's agreement.

And other related disciplines. CONDITIONS/SALARY INDICATION:
(A) $40,000.00 - $100,000.00 US$ (quarterly) depending on qualifications and experiences negotiable.

Do you have a dream working in Texas? The Company further encourages all applicants to forward their respective application/resumes directly to the following addresses ( ) for more details you may wish to call undersigned for urgent response!

Sara Jones
HR Coordinator
Apex Fisheries Inc.
Unit 3008 Spruce Drive,
Richardson, TEXAS 75080 USA
Email :

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  1. Anonymous // 12:17 PM  

    I got the same mail today morning.

  2. istgi867 // 12:17 AM  

    me too...

  3. Unknown // 11:21 AM  

    i also receive this mail

  4. jitendra, Pune // 8:35 PM  

    I too received the same.
    Its Strange to read these kind of mails.
    Even I received one mail from India post stating about my DD of $4,00,000
    is lying with them. I need to pay $400 to get the packet.
    Strange know !!!!

  5. Joe/Tina D'Souza // 2:00 PM  

    A staff member in my company has received such a mail.

  6. Anonymous // 3:27 PM  

    I too received the same mail....

  7. Anonymous // 4:52 AM  

    I also got same email, but is it really a scam? they dint ask for money $$$. Did anyone try this and got response?

  8. Anonymous // 9:37 PM  

    I am sure it is a scam. Who willing hire labour so high price.

  9. Anonymous // 6:20 PM  

    is this really a scam? I also got same email. I send my resume and then they send me an international online questionnaire.. please help me if i will pursue to answer all the question.

  10. Kris // 9:05 PM  


    What type of questionnaires they pose?

    Maybe they just want get people to fill up surveys. Just don't get scam if they ask for $$$.

  11. Anonymous // 3:45 AM  

    i too recieved same mail today at 2.30pm

  12. Unknown // 6:19 PM
    yes its the same mail i have received
    andContact the India/American Tourism Group Immigration Department:-

    Contact Person: Robert Blake
    TEL: +918447282320
    OFFICE : +911132671166
    hard to trust

  13. Anonymous // 1:25 AM  

    "We offer competitive pay and a strong benefits package,The company also give its applicants (employer) an accommodation that will last him for the period of 5 years in which their contract will last and it’s liable to renew it upon the company's agreement." Harebrained alley grammar! Who're you kidding!

  14. Anonymous // 3:48 PM  

    They have sent a job offer letter today, imagine being offered a job in USA without even a slightest of communication between the company representative & me, just by saying I am an MBA would anyone believe & offer me $3900/month job ???

  15. Anonymous // 7:43 PM  

    i too got similar mail few days back. i am offered USD 3,900 PM & i am asked to contact Robert Blake who sits in Delhi. I contacted him today. he asked me to send the scanned copies of passport & photographs. they have not demanded any money too.... !!! is it really trustworthy ...?? there was 1 questionnaire to be filled. that's it. i am through ..!! is it really possible ...????

  16. Anonymous // 3:26 PM  

    @Kris can i have ur email?

  17. Kris // 7:04 PM  


    Just reply on my comment box. And put a note if you want to private message me and I will not published your comments to the public.


  18. Anonymous // 9:52 AM  

    what the hell?? Thats weird.

  19. G. Shashidhar // 8:52 PM  

    I got the same mail to day morning

  20. subhasis // 4:58 AM  

    I also got the same mail.then i search it at google.the thing i found-
    1.The same thing happened at 13th august,2012
    2.All of us got the same REF no: APEX/JB/TX/0864/12,which is not possible.those person got the same mail at 13th aug also had the same REF no
    3.any official mail id can't be at details check FBI internet crime dvsn)
    so just ignore those mails & spam it.

  21. Anonymous // 10:32 PM  

    Its a fraud don't even think about it..they will ask the money from u at last may be for ur workpermit or some official documents...its totally scam guys..

  22. Anonymous // 5:58 PM  

    I got this mail today... and I'm living in flight tickets? eventually business class or first... ridiculous simple and stupid

  23. Anonymous // 8:31 AM  

    Those people don't want money. All what they want is a copy of a *real* passport/ID that they will use in another scam. Don't send a copy of your ID unless you are eager to meet want someone from Interpol!

  24. Kris // 12:24 AM  

    Yes, please refrain from giving personal information such as passport & ID to these scam like recruitment ads.

  25. Anonymous // 11:08 PM  

    i have received the same email today.