SCAM: Fake USM Degrees On Sale

Posted by Kris | Sunday, July 01, 2012 | | 6 comments »

Innocent graduation photos used as blog cover

I went to the scam website out of curiosity, where the scammers fully declare & acknowledges that this is an illegal activity yet proceed to do it for monetary gains. It degrades the pain, toil & hard work an undergraduate has to undergo to get his/her degree 'legally'. 

Side note is that the English used in the website is really really very broken English. (see mispelling on "gratuate" instead of graduate)

A few 'interesting' content/sell points extracted from the website that really shows that the scammer has no fear of the law.

1.Please spend sometimes read our website, we guarantee you not going to regret it. Not like others seller, we not only selling the certificate, our complete system cover until Local University system, thats mean when your boss or company admin calling to the University trying verifying your certificate, your name will completely inside the system. First in Malaysia, dont waste your time thinking taking the degree courses, come to us, it will saving your time and money!

2.To be honest, we know this definitely will be illegal trading. But don't worry, we always keep our customer privacy as our top priority. This website not going to have any update, i just want to keep this website simple and clean. Just give us a Like on right of the screen if you feel our service is efficient and help a lot. --> Using social media to scam. lol

3. Complete your payment. Receive your genuine certificate within 7days, and your student USM ID will be in system within 14days.

its only applicable for the person who over 17 years old. (be logic, what make you think you can study inside USM before 17) -> For me this is the funniest statement, in case some 17 year old dude decides to buy a degree that could make him a genius to graduate at 17 years old.

4. Our full package pricing will be RM5888 (please do understand this is a fix price and not negotiable, this will completely cheaper compare 3years study at least RM20k inside local University.)

The most atrocious claim is shown below: Perhaps the university's computer system is compromised or this involves an insider job or just outright lie by the scammers. We just need to wait for the police investigations for further interesting developments.

"In University system (most valuable inside our package. the in system mean your name going to appear inside the University system)"

If you think that it is very hard to fool people with a fake degree especially in the technical field, think again. I heard of a violation case from a friend of mine where after a few years of outstanding service, an "engineer" was found to only have a valid Form 5 certificate. His/her degree was a fake.

False degree declaration on your resume could be fatal also to one's career as can be seen with the resignation of the former CEO for YAHOO .inc.


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    Just click on the link that the email send to get the pdf.

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