RHBINVEST Program Trading Feature

Posted by Kris | Monday, July 16, 2012 | | 0 comments »

Although these features are very common for US brokerage accounts, however it is not so common to our local brokerage trading systems. It can be quite useful to active trader/investors that is too busy to always monitor the stock market.

IMHO, program trading can also be a double edged sword. Smart money or market makers are known to identify "stop limit' points and break it down quickly so that they can buy low and sell high later. However of course, the effectiveness of this strategy on our local KLCI depends on how many our local users are utilizing the "stop limit" order in their trades. 

It has been said that many investors invest emotionally and lose money. Some even argue that one of the biggest barriers to winning in trading is the human emotion - Greed, Fear and Hope. Would you like to take the emotions out of your trading? Now, you can with RHBInvest Program Trading.

We are pleased to announce that RHBInvest Program Trading will be available to you now.

With RHBInvest Program Trading, you can now enjoy the following 4 powerful trading features that will certainly enhance your trading strategy.

1. You can now set your cut loss level with "Stop Limit" Order

Do not let the bottom fell out of your favourite stocks again. Use the Stop Limit Order to set your cut loss level to minimize your losses. Obviously, having a stop loss in place is to get out of a losing position before the price falls further. You can also use Stop Limit Order to lock in your profits.

2. You can now set "Conditional Order"

Conditional Order is another useful tool. Sometimes you may want to place an order upon the stock reaching a certain price or the price moves beyond a certain point. The Conditional Order allows you to enter into a trade without having to constantly monitor the market price. It can be used for both BUY and SELL order.

3. You can now set your "Good Till Cancel" Order

With this feature, you do not have to waste time to keep entering the same order every day. Your orders will last for 30 days until it is fully matched or until you cancel the order.

4. You can now set your "Good Till Done" Order

This feature allows you to set a date for your order to be matched. Your orders will last until it is fully matched or cancelled or up to the specified date within 30 days. That saves a lot of time.

All the above useful trading features are located on RHBInvest's Buy/Sell Trading Pad.