Miss Astro Chinese International Pagent 2015 - KnowThyMoney's Pick

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Once, in a while in the times of great financial and political uncertainty in Malaysia, it is best just to chill on a Sunday and see eye candy.

Astro is hosting its annual Miss Astro Chinese International Pagent 2015 and KnowThyMoney in keeping tradition will do its own top picks on which pretty girl will win the crown.

Here is my FAVORITE. (also since she hails from Penang).
Yi Chuen

Picture of the contestants are credited to Astro. I just stripped out from their website all the girls pic :D

After looking thru all the girls picture profile, it is EASY to have the similar favorite picks with the editor. There is alot of average girls entering the contest (no offense, in the end, this is STILL a BEAUTY contest hence beauty is part of the grading. Minus the personality marking BS as everyone can really fake their personalities on stage) and hence the pretty girls really stand out alot.

Besides, I really think it is a cliche everytime a beauty pagent contestant answers with "I want to improve society, I want to save the environment, help the poor, save the animals". It just they trying to give a politically correct answer where it can be only useful when you try to answer your SPM Pendidikan Moral exams where a person passes the "moral test" by just memorizing the 64 "nilai-nilai moral" (moral values) and just putting it on paper.

She is a natural beauty & photogenic, from the photos below, she did not need to apply heavy make-up unlike some of the contestants. Some of the girls' makeup is just too heavy to mask their skin tone and my personal phobia - " eyebrow drawing" . My personal advice for girls is IF you are not a PRO in drawing your own eyebrow, never never do it. The worst side is that you can give guys a shock. 

I have yet to see any girls that can successful convince me of their "eyebrow drawing" skills to enchance their beauty. Even if you have a natural bushy and thick eyebrow, you still can look much much better than trying to do "eyebrow drawing"

Okey, back to Yi Chuen. I personally saw (from a distance...lol) her in one the many beauty contests that she joined. She really have very good flawless skin!! That is why she looked very good without any makeup. And all her 4 sisters share this trait. Btw, all her sisters are pretty too!!

So either she have a) good genes b) she must use some secret beauty product

She have those "elegant" demure & charismatic look that not many woman have. Do not confuse with "cute"ness which I think alot of guys like. 

In my experience and my personal judgement (I may be wrong!), usually this kind of girls are "ni qiang ren" and strong woman. Think of the Soong Sisters but much more pretty. Like many have said before, "Behind A Successful Man Is A Woman", and she (Yi Chuen) has such aura. This is true with her elder sister. The other 2 younger sisters is more on the cute side.

Anyway, if you like her, please support her. Not sure, whether the pagent need to do Facebook "Like & Share" campaign.

She joined quite a lot of beauty contests. I believe she at least emerged as champion or 1st runner up in these contests. Just have alook at her competitors.

The rest of my picks to at least win a prize in the Miss Astro Chinese International Pagent 2015. Sorry, I cannot read chinese well, so no idea what are their names.

The rest of the contestant of Miss Astro Chinese International Pagent 2015. 


  1. kampunginvestor // 4:33 PM  

    Brother, your blog become modelling blog d ah?

  2. Kris // 12:48 PM  

    Just admiring beauty :)

  3. ChampDog // 6:51 PM  

    Wah so many lui here.