Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing #Bersih4.0

Posted by Kris | Saturday, August 29, 2015 | , | 0 comments »

29 & 30 Aug
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edward Burke

Enough is enough - Too much hanky panky going around on our current politicians that is ruining Malaysia to the grown, using race and religion to separate the rakyat for their own political gains. 

Wawasan2020 which is a over-glorify & over-used essay title when I was a kid is only left 5 year left to achieve, which in no doubt in Malaysian's mind now is merely a PIPE DREAM, even a decade ago.

To me personally, Malaysia has NO justice anymore, everything is perverted to suit the whims and likes of the power-hugging elite few at the gain of majority.

Most my oversea friends aka migrated Malaysians is going to join the rally simply because they still love Malaysia.

I am in solidarity with the movement for a Cleaner & Fairer Malaysia. #BERSIH4.0, so I will wear yellow today :)

Btw: Yesterday, the FBMKLCI Put warrants and KLCI index is strong strong divergence. The put warrant did a reversal and bounced higher even though the KCLI index is climbing upwards. This could only point to the fact that many investors are anxious and worried that come Tuesday , the stock market will crash over any event that happen durin the #BERSIH4.0 weekend overnight rally.

I had to cut my call warrant punt, because i saw this divergence. Risk is too high. It could go either way, North or South.