Late Post: DJIA Volatility -1000 points

Posted by Kris | Thursday, September 10, 2015 | | 0 comments »

DOW JONES dropped -1000 points last week
I forget to post this up, since last week seems to be a very volatile day for DOW JONES where it lost nearly -1000 points. Yesterday it drop another -400 points from the top.

With 2016 U.S Presidential election coming soon, i don't expect it is going to end very badly for US stock market for the time being, unless Miss Yellen increases interest rate suddenly out of the blue.

  • RM dropping to new low
  • However, our index seems to be recovering? Or it is a dead cat bounce?
  • Bargain hunters now appearing to pick up beaten KCLI stocks
  • Hang Seng & China seems to be in a downtrending mode again.