A Conversation With A Dietitician

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Had a good conversation with the dietitian after having my full medical check-up done. I think the full package service provided by this private hospital is very good. This is my second time I did my checkup in a span of 4 years. Their service improved even more as now they hired specialized dietitian to consult you on your wellness health instead of the doctor explaining it to you.

We talk about an 1 hour or so and here is some good tips and myth buster that I can remember in our conversation which was very spotaneous and relaxed manner.

Good diet tips.

General rule

1. 1/2 of the plate must be leafy vegetable as they will have more fiber and less sugar. Vegetables that grow underground like carots has less fiber and more sugar.

2. 1/4 of the plate should consists of rice.

3. 1/4 of the plate should consider meat. Meat consists of 2 types: Red meat and white meat.

4. Red meat like pork, beef & mutton, and seafood best to only take it 1 time a week.

5. White meat: Fish & Chicken can take daily according to the rule number (2)

6. Must always take breakfast. Good to even take bread and peanut butter.

7. Take fruit after each meal: breakfast , lunch & dinner.

Below is some of my questions concerning my diets.

7. Milo drink + oat best to take only a cup. Oat itself is full of sugar as it is a carbohydrate. That explains why I get hungry when lunch time fast approaches. Contrary to popular believe, taking too much oat itself is not good also.

8. Need to take at least 2 litres of water (8 cups) everyday to flush out toxins and also uric acid in the body. Limit 3-1 in, coffee, milo or anything other drink to once a day. This includes also chinese tea.

9. Chinese as a culture of drinking brewed soup after each meal. Need to limit it to only 1 time consumption per week! Reason is that most soups are brewed with meat, bone extracts that will release u

10. Take only 3 egg yolks per week. White yolk is okey to take it but contain less protein and nutrien as egg yolk.

11. Milk: Best to take low fat milk. Typically low fat milk also contain sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor versus cream or full milk. Milk has cholestrol too!

12. Soya bean is a better alternative to milk. Even though that it is a bean based food, it also contribute to uric acid but most people have high uric acid due to the high consumption of meat.

13. Consuming protein whether from animal or plant based (tofu, soya, etc) will need to be followed up by exercise , otherwise it will go to waste.

14. Must always take breakfast even un-healthy ones.

15. No need finish up everything on the plate. I think is our asian culture where we are raised up not to waste food.


1. Do interval training: Mix aerobics, muscle training & calisthenic as part of routine to avoid the body getting accustomed to producing the same amount of energy for a given same exercise routine. This efficiency will make losing further weight lost harder.

2. Need to lose fat first before doing muscle build-up routine to avoid the muscle being built upon the fat, where it will get harder to lose more.

3. Avoid fasting too much and skipping breakfast as this will make the body think that it experiencing starvation mode: Where the body will convert sugar into fat for future use.

4. Don't give up if the weight loss starts to plateau as this is a sign that the body is adjusting itself. Future weight reduction is possible.

5. Best to take care while doing running exercise to avoid injury to the knee which is hard to heal. Alternate swimming and running.

6. Intensity of the exercise should be 60% to 80% multiple by (220 - minus age). Breathless-ness is a sign that the exercise is intense enough and start burning fat.

Good luck to me! :D


  1. ChampDog // 7:34 AM  

    Good luck to you Kris!

    One more thing that you may miss, try to shit as often as possible. It is very good for detox.

    Ultimately 3 times per day (depends on how many meals you have) but so far I have been only do it once a day. But I think is good enough...

  2. Anonymous // 9:52 AM  

    may I know which hospital did you choose?

  3. Kris // 1:31 PM  

    3 times a day?! Is that normal or just tells you have a bad diarrhea?

    I also same as you, only manage to do it once a day.

    I went to Adventist Hospital :D I am not sure whether it is the best in Penang, but i went to it once before so going to back to the same hospital so that you can track your health progress.

  4. ChampDog // 9:19 AM  

    Ya, 3 times per day if you have 3 meals. If you have 2 meals, then 2 meals per day. :)

    The feces needs to be in good shape too. :D. If not, it is not that healthy too. If you need to push too hard, it is not healthy too.

    I have a friend can do 3 times per day. Morning, lunch and dinner. So it is possible.

  5. Kris // 1:20 PM  

    wah, Champdog, you friend is a 'professional shitter'...lol..just a joking here.

    For me 2 times a day is very hard already unless 'kena' diarrhea.

  6. ChampDog // 1:45 PM  

    Ya lor, I eat a lot of fiber also can do it once a day. I think is matter of one habit.

    I don't like to shit in office. If I do, maybe I can do it twice a day. lol

  7. Kris // 1:55 PM  

    yeah, I don't like to shit in office too even though it can be clean.

    Just dont have that habit of shitting in public spaces..lol