Website Got Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)?

Posted by Kris | Thursday, November 27, 2014 | | 1 comments »

TheStar Website Got Redirected To This Image
Got the shock of my life when got a pop-up when I visited to view my online news. It mentioned that it got hacked by the 'Syrian Electronic Army' and then users are re-directed to this image.

This was the message

Or is my laptop being infected with malware. But i dont see the same problem when i browse to other websites.

Let me know ya? Quickly turning on my computer virus scan now!!


  1. Anonymous // 9:18 PM  

    Its DNS Breach on Gigya Social Media which affected on most worldwide news.

    As for now Gigya has recover back their domain, and in propagation to clear the alert message pop-up.

    I would recommend you clear your browser cache as a javascript caches sometimes sticky to your local browser cache, this attack won't harm your system or pc. It tends to be worldwide message by SEA.

    Further readings & report as below link.