A Belated Merry Christmas 2014

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Merry Christmas

Sorry for the late post Christmas wish post, was busy chilling out on the long Christmas holidays :D

And also playing my new PS4 which I splurged for Christmas. Been thinking very long on whether to purchase it or not, since I scare I will make it collect dust only since I can be very busy all the time with my work and life. But what the heck right?! I want to enjoy my hard earn money once in a while #YOLO.

Attended Christmas eve virgil and Christmas morning mass at QiQi's church. Saw her perform a short play for Christmas at her church besides singing for the choir. She very talented and active in this activities. 

She was surprised to see me actually, lol as she forget she is the one that ask me to go attend the Christmas service at her church in the morning. 

She was gorgeous in her white dress that look like a bridesmaid and wearing high heels. (I don't often see her in high heels due to the nature of her job. ^_^). She introduced me to all her church friends and some other friends from work that also came.

We took a photo of only both of us as she was too pretty & sweet not to take picture with. :D (yeah, earlier on the marathon, i did not manage to take photo with her...lol, so cannot give up this wonderful golden opportunity. "Macam win 4D pulak".)

P.S She is very popular due to her sweet personality, not sure she realized that or not.

Looking forward to a New Year 2015!!