Amazing KLCI Rebound 2014

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breaking thru bollinger band
FBMKLCI breaking thru the midband
Strong rebound this whole week for KLCI. Yesterday saw huge volume and good run from penny stocks. Volume ~>100,000 lot for the top 20 stocks. Mostly penny stocks.

And for the last few minute the KLCI surged from +2 points to close at +12 points. Talk about window dressing.

Now KLCI has broken the midband, things will get interesting next Monday, where profit taking will surely come as KLCI is in GREEN mode continously for more than a week!! And upper bollinger band will be touched soon , and with the current bullish run, the possibility of a downward bounce off is very very likely. 

See my earlier post on the route of touching the midband bollinger band.

Too soon to say that KLCI maintain its upward trajectory as it is need did not make newer higher highs. (possible lower highs?!) . Nevertheless, anyone who have the guts to buy during the selldown will be smiling and laughing to the bank!

+Positive news
US ended the QE under Yellen as reports of their economy improving.
Oil prices are dropping to USD3 gallon for US consumers
Bank of Japan increasing their QE printing activities!! Yen is slumping because of this which is good for Japan exports.

Hence, the global indexes is on a mini bull rebound! (esp Hang Seng! +700points)

Happy Halloween...and SMILE for KLCI

Green Green grass by the river.


Index NameValueChange% ChangeTime
Dow Jones Industrial Average17,390.52+195.10+1.13%16:15:00
S&P 500 Index2,018.05+23.40+1.17%16:32:10
NASDAQ Composite Index4,630.74+64.60+1.41%17:16:00
S&P/TSX Composite Index14,613.32+154.63+1.07%18:20:04
Mexican Stock Exchange Mexican Bolsa IPC Index45,027.52+428.25+0.96%16:06:28
Ibovespa Brasil Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index54,628.60+2,291.77+4.38%15:17:31


Index NameValueChange% ChangeTime
EURO STOXX 50 Price EUR3,113.32+77.42+2.55%18:03:04
FTSE 100 Index6,546.47+82.92+1.28%12:35:29
CAC 40 Index4,233.09+91.85+2.22%13:05:01
Deutsche Boerse AG German Stock Index DAX9,326.87+212.03+2.33%13:30:17
IBEX 35 Index10,477.80+214.10+2.09%12:38:00
FTSE MIB Index19,783.99+589.38+3.07%12:30:58
OMX Stockholm 30 Index1,412.84+15.66+1.12%13:38:57
Swiss Market Index8,837.78+118.75+1.36%12:31:40


Index NameValueChange% ChangeTime
Nikkei 22516,413.76+755.56+4.83%02:28:01
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index23,998.06+296.02+1.25%04:01:22
S&P/ASX 2005,526.60+50.40+0.92%02:05:28