Travelgenio: Visiting Europe

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, November 12, 2014 | , , | 0 comments »

This year is another tire-some year with heavy workloads and hectic schedule pressures. I really want to have a holiday next year, so i am been looking to travel destinations especially Euro countries. This region is a place i never visited before.

So I googled around and I found a online travel agency called travelgenio. It sounds like "travel genie"?!. Anyway, this company was founded recently in Argentina and managed to grow rapidly to cover european countries in its database.

The interface is easy to use and i can easily gauge the monetary feel of each flight selection especially when you want to use flight as a mode of transportation from one euro country to another. I personally think it is better to use flight to save travel time for more time to do sight-seeing.

Just see the travelgenio website below. At least it does not have a lot un-necessary travel ads popping here and there. You can also see which airline that you want to use for your trip. However, there is only a limited choice of airline around ~8 from what i see in the .uk website.


The payment accepted is the typical visa credit cards and debit cards. No paypal  payment options though, strange. Besides booking flights, you can also browse thru hotels, car rentals and travel guide details from the website. I guess these will provide more residual side income for the site.

Anyway, I am still looking thru various sites and blogs to determine which part of Euro region I want to visit.