How Zeus Trojan Horse Virus Can Screw Your Finance

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Zeus Virus

Recently heard a lot about Zeus potentially wrecking havoc on internet banking sites.  I saw a few public service announcement by our local Malaysian banks. One fine example is Public Bank.

Please be aware of the malicious intent of these scammers. That is why I posted this up, in case people fall into this trap.

Here is the Maybank Fake Website Scam that I posted not long ago.

how cybercrime works

Good Info on How Zeus Trojan Horse Tries To Con Your Money

It was recently reported in the mainstream media that a malware known as the ‘Zeus’ virus is targeting e-banking consumers’ mobile phones and tablets causing the devices to be more vulnerable to financial data theft.

The new scam works in the following manner:

While the customer is accessing the bank’s website from a PC infected with the malware (virus), a pop-up notice is displayed requesting for the customer’s mobile phone details for various reasons.

Fake Website, Always Observe the HTTP site

Subsequently, in an attempt to get access to the PAC SMS, a SMS is sent to the customer’s mobile phone with a download link provided.

An Invitation To Financial Loss

The app shown below is fake. If it is found on your mobile phone, have it uninstalled immediately.

Fake App

Fake Activation Menu

Please be reminded that Public Bank does not, and will never request for sensitive/confidential information from our customers online or via e-mail, letters and telephone calls/sms. The Bank has your personal information and mobile phone number when an account was opened with us.

You are advised to exercise caution when performing your online transactions and ensure your PC and mobile devices are protected with an effective anti-virus software.

Should you encounter such prompts, please take the following actions:

  1. Do not act on such notices. Exit the page immediately.
  2. Set your PC to scan for the virus from the following links:
    • McAfee (
    • Symantec (
    • Malwarebytes (
    • Kaspersky ZbotKiller (
    • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (
  3. Alert PBe Customer Support at 03-21795000.