Make Money In A Nursing Career?

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When you hear about nurses, the first thing you hear about is working in a hospital or clinic. But there is an alternative path for nurses that will enable to earn significant amount of money without much higher education aka a degree. The niche job market that I am talking about becoming a home health aide especially in the foreign countries like the US or even the Middle East. Especially in the Middle East, experienced nurses are head-hunted and handsomely compensated to work in the health and elderly care industry.

Hence becoming a nurse can be very financially rewarding oversea.

P.S Not to mention that healthcare is a very defensive industry aka people still need doctor and nurses even though the economy tank like crazy like what happen to our stock markets today. (~ -2%)

A Nursing Career That Don't Require A Bachelor's Degree??

Long ago when we are so sure that we will definitely get the dream job right after graduation day, unlike now, where we have to struggle and compete intensely with other graduates just like us for limited jobs and future careers. Well the good news that jobs that don’t need your bachelor’s degree do exists, particularly in nursing careers.

Students loans that needs to be paid, grown up lifestyle that we need to keep up with, and perhaps getting married is what worries graduates around the world. The expectation is too high towards us and it’s sure to pressure the hell out from you.

Becoming Home Health Aide

If you have an interest in the nursing field, you can apply for the job without any degree at all. Demands for this job increases as the baby boomer population is aging to take care of senior citizens with medical skills. Can also be called as homemaker attendant and personal health aide, a home health aide employed by the family will supervise the general health of these individuals as well as other various medical-related tasks such as checking vitals, administering medications in timely manner, and assisting medical equipment should their employers have one.

Generally, anything that requires by the family to keep their members healthy and keeping them from being moved to nursing home instead.

To be a home health aide, certain certifications are available and you may be required to specific training for you to be fit on the job. In some states, you may need additional training.

Outlook for the job is excellent, where the growth for demand is expected to be more than 50%. The job prospect is fast and you have ample chance to take your career into the next level such as medical technician or certified nurse. Turnover of being a home health aide is often high, mainly because low skill requirements and high demand of mentally and physically.

The appealing nature of being a home health aide is you don’t need to spend another four year for a medical degree. Apart from essential medical training, you need to be calm, cheerful, motivated, and compassionate about helping others and if you are the kind of person, this job can be extremely rewarding as you are making a wonderful impact onto others in their life and when nearing their death, being in their company most of the time.

On the downside, since each family is unique, it can be challenging if you are not working favourable environment. And the job scope can be varied, depending on the person’s health you are taking care of and it can even include from washing to cooking, all according to doctor’s treatment plan.


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    yeah, believe or not, one of my cousin say she work in saudi arabia can earn rm10k per month o, i duno true or not cause said only~ >.<