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When I started some donkey years ago, I did not have any monetizing intentions aka I was NOT writing to make money. It is more or less my personal blog on my journey towards financial freedom. Hence you still see some side of personal thoughts and endeavors along the way. Not to say sometimes, I do talk about my religious thoughts. All in all, is not 100% about money!! (well, money is NOT everything but something).

Why I do this?

So this post will the 1st series of posts about making money online. I decided to write this series so that the younger generations especially Malaysian know that the world is an oyster for them to make money with the advent of internet in our daily lives. 

Dedicated especially to my junior engineers whom are always lamenting that they starting salary is too low to buy property. (Which I think their salary is actually quite high as compared to other fresh grad from other fields)

Well, if many of you had known, I like to read ALOT. And I read every night before I go to sleep. (Fun Fact :I once read like 100 thesis papers from top to bottom to complete my engineering postgraduate thesis).

I don't called myself a GURU in making money online, but I do like to share interesting ideas & my train on thoughts on the subject matter. And as an trained Engineer, I like to reverse engineer stuff and get to the bottom on how things work and tick. That is why I become an engineer , as I am an analytical person.

Okey, back to the topic:

Make Money Online #1 Series: Blogging

I think personally, the main problem with this is that, there is a lot of material surfacing on the internet and alot of paid talks on how to make money thru blogging, until there is an information overload.

The basic idea is very simple actually:

Besides the general route of writing good & unique content and monetizing it with google adsenses, there are alot of more method of making money thru it and you need some knowledge on how to profit from it. The idea is simple just the matter you execute it makes a difference. As in engineering world, flawless execution is key to success.

Things you need to know:

1) Where & how to create a blog. What to write.
- Basically, I encourage you to write about something you are passionate about so that you always have ideas on posts to write about. Alot of people lament that they don't know what to write about!! Hobbies are a good thing to write about.

My hobbie - Make money of course :D

1) How to use Google Adsense, or other advertisers in your blog

Besides Google, there are lot of other options. Especially those that got banned by Google due to multiple reasons. 

2) Web2.0 Tools & How To Use It (#Series 2)

Which blogging network are available to join to enable a bigger reach to your audiences?  Which type of information is best disseminate thru different types of channel.

Social media is a very big space to explore so you are able to minimize your effort and get the greatest effect.

3) Ways To General Viral Traffic (#Series 3)

Once you have a blog or a website, you need to get traffic to your site especially when you are new. So what are the methods available to do so??

Viral traffic is the heavily coveted by online marketers as these will bring in visitors to your website like wild fire!!

4) SEO Techniques (#Series 4)

If you had not heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you are living under the rock in terms of online literacy. This is very important since organic searches thru GOOGLE can draw alot of traffic to your site.

5) Joining affiliate marketing network & how to make it work (#Series 5)

Good for newbies who just started to dabble in making money online. However for those mastering it, affiliate marketing methodology can be VERY VERY lucractive.

6) How to monetize by creating your own product. Where to sell? (Series #6) 

Create your own UNIQUE product and start selling them. For example, Clickbank is very huge and profitable in the US, it is one of the good places to sell your online products.

There is another method though that is being sold by seminars 'Gurus' where you need to be pay thousands of ringgit to attend in Malaysia. 

There are so many resources on this that I don't think can put everything single one of them in my blog posts.

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P.S Show me some moral support for writing all these series (if you like them & would like to see more of the series) out for my readers by commenting in this post. It is hard work writing these ALL articles. Else I might not have the motivation and energy to finish all of them or even not writing about them anymore.

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  1. LCF // 12:00 AM  

    Few things to add in my humble opinion
    1)Building trust and relationship, and that personal human touch - people buy people first :)
    2) Credentials. Who you are, why you are doing what you are doing. Watched Simon Sinek's the Golden Circle on TED talks? That's what I am referring to :)
    1)Unless it is a real painful problem (like fat loss, double your dating, etc), then you can sell without #1 and #2 above

  2. Happy walker // 4:36 AM  

    haiz, it is good to have such goal to make more money... i just feel myself more sucks~ sigh...

  3. Anonymous // 10:16 AM  

    Good sharing. This is a good way for a newbie like me to make some pocket money while in uni.