Make Money From Selling Macdonald Happy Meals Toys

Posted by Kris | Sunday, August 18, 2013 | , | 0 comments »

Macdonald's Happy Meal Money Making Machine

Most fresh graduates that I meet always argue that finding ways to make good money is very difficult as there are a lot of competitions out there. Well there is always competitions out there though so that cannot be avoided.

But the main problem that was lamented is that they are not able to identify the idea/products to sell to make money. They don't know what to sell! Well, my philosophy as long as there is supply & demand there is money to be made. :D

Take for example there is a good demand for Macdonald Happy Meals Toy full collections. As seen from the previous Minion Happy Meal phenomenon, (see what some minion fans are willing enough to do) the smurf series in Malaysia should see more/less the same craze. (While I think that smurf is not so as popular and cute as the minions).

As evident of the popularity in Malaysia (US has not yet seen this type of craze), MacDonald took the advantage by limiting each customer to buy 2 Happy Meals for 2 Toys per single receipt. Gone are the day when you can just buy the Happy Meal toys in Malaysia. So you know that there is a money making trend here for both MacDonalds and Happy Meal toy collectors.

I will end this post by asking people to not crazily buy out of stock all the smurf Happy Meal toys. NO, I am NOT pursuing the route of making money thru Happy Meal toy collection sales, I  don't have the time to queue up every 3 days for it. For me TIME=MONEY=$$$, I am going for bigger fishes in other money making ideas. 

I am just buying to catch a bigger fish mermaid. A 51kg mermaid to be exact. ^_^

Happy weekends and you might see me in a Macdonald's store.. Lol.