Make People Sleep To Make Money?

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | | 6 comments »

Unbelievable but true. I did some research and found that sounds that make you sleep can actually earn you some serious dough online. This is unorthodox way of making money, but if you if built a very niche market out of it, the profit can be handsome because the production cost is very cheap. 

As the blog is about making money. I want to give awareness on any money making ideas to all my fellow readers.

You will only need some good marketing skills to sell your sleep product. Heck, I even heard some of the videos is actually someone reading a script with his/her monotonous or melodic voice. 

Unfortunately, my voice ain't that pretty.

I found this good website that provide free & royalty free high quality sound files to whoever needs them to build their own multimedia production.Besides making the "sleep sound money"

I extracted something info on this on how making people sleep can make money!!

"Our Sound Effects Can Actually Make You Money"

Currently...there is a new trend on YouTube that is becoming extremely popular and very, very lucrative --- It is known as "Sleep & Relaxation" videos.

If you do a search, you will see that these videos are getting thousands of hits daily by people around the world who live in big cities and want to escape to the country-side to quietly listen to birds happily singing in the forests...or fall asleep to the relaxing  and repetitive sounds of ocean waves...rain drops...and babbling brooks.

These people need your YouTube video experience to help them sleep.

With our specialized sound effects, not only can you can create hours of relaxing ocean waves, and rain storms videos  but now - you can also use our royalty-free movie clips of breath-taking beaches tropical forests and stunning wild-life.

Come see for yourself.

As our'll be able to choose from 1000s of sound & movie clips. 
• You'll get instant access to our Huge video and sound effects library. 
• Continuous looping so you can create minutes or hours of audio/video. 
• 100% Royalty-Free: all clips can be used for personal or commercial use.


  1. maveric // 5:47 PM  

    Kris, come out with the 'sounds' that induce & prolong sleep.

    I think it is a biological factor that one tend to have sleeping problems as age catches up.I have no problem 'falling' asleep but the duration is not long..about 5 hrs @ best..??

    I am blissfully retired & have little emotional & financial hiccups currently.

  2. kampunginvestor // 8:36 PM  

    You must be joking? Bro I can't sleep at night.. Can help make me sleep? Ha Ha! :)

  3. Kris // 9:44 PM  

    wow.@Maveric, you sleep so little. I do get dizzy if i don't sleep enough on mornings.

    As for sleep, last time I got insomia to sleep.

    @KampungInvestor, welcome back. Long time no see and hear. Next time, I come out with a product sure will ask you to buy

  4. ka // 12:54 AM  

    Thanks for welcoming me back. Miss me kah? Want to make me sleep or not? ^+^

  5. Kris // 10:08 PM  

    @kampung, where the hell have you been?? lol..

    And sorry, I like girls only..wawahahaha.

  6. kampunginvestor // 6:12 PM  

    Me too! :)

    but i still wont mind you help me to sleep. wakkakaka