3 Days Before CNY 2013: Fixed Deposit Promotions

Posted by Kris | Thursday, February 07, 2013 | , | 1 comments »

The bank is literally bustling with activities. I saw alot of senior citizens and elderly clutching their fixed deposit certificates to the bank counters. So, I just observed them.

Looks like for CNY, alot of banks are holding fixed deposit promotions to encourage people to put their money into FD. Some of the promotions are indeed very good for those ultra-conservative investors aka mostly old people.

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion

I particularly like Hong Leong's promotion because

1) I like the cute Chinese New Year cartoon.
2) It gives 4.28% rate for a minimum for RM10,000 deposit for 12 months. ( I see the auntie at the counter kept on asking the banker on this)

Disclaimer: I don't know about the terms and condition of the promotion, (Currently I don't have any Fixed deposits. I don't plan too :D ) so do practise your own judgement on this.

Just look at the promotions below. For more detail just go to the nearest bank if you are interested.
AMBank FD promotion
Ambank FD Promotion

Public Bank FD promotion
Public Bank FD promotion


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