Malaysian Banks That Have Western Union

Posted by Kris | Friday, February 08, 2013 | , | 5 comments »

I noticed that CIMB is no longer an Western Union agent. They are switching over to Moneygram similar to what Maybank has.

List below is only partial list of the Western Union agents. I only listed down some of the banks that have a significant branch presence over Malaysia. Here is the link to search for all available agents and their branches. Click here

1. Ambank
2. Bank Simpanan National
3. Hong Leong Bank
4. POS Malaysia aka Pos office
5. RHB Bank
6. Public Bank
7. Bank Rakyat

I am not sure about how Moneygram works but using Western Union to remit, send or receive money is very straightforward and simple. :)

I am writing this post so that bloggers using google adsense can easily find out which bank branch to go, to cash out their earnings. I don't earn alot from my blogs, so I just put this down so that one I can remember what to do. lol


  1. Happy walker // 10:16 PM  

    what i know about western union is for withdraw Google Adsense money only~ but i no earn~ =.=

  2. Rayz // 11:19 AM  

    Agro Bank also offers Western Union services

  3. Kris // 7:23 PM  


    Thanks for the info. As I listed down only banks that have the widest coverage in terms of branches.

  4. Unknown // 5:55 PM  

    Can I use western union on atm / cash deposit machine? Using online transaction just make me more confuse

  5. Kris // 12:32 AM  

    I am not sure shahinaaz.

    I think so can.Check at the nearest branch.