Malaysia KLCI Performance Post & Pre 5 Elections

Posted by Kris | Monday, February 04, 2013 | | 2 comments »


2013 is definitely Election year (unless you don't read the news), as the parliament needs to be dissolved by April and an election is to be held. Here is some interesting data on FBMKLCI performance for the past 5 General Election!!

KLCI Performance

From the data above, looks like as we inch nearer to the election date, the KLCI performance improves with gains with the exception of GE11. While, post elections tends to be putting a downward pressure to KLCI.

So Chinese New Year rally this year?? It is anyone's guess.


  1. Happy walker // 10:55 PM  

    so this time also same loh, all company under BN sure drop~

  2. Tony Teh // 4:45 AM  

    Let's vote them off!!!