Keep On Trying by Utada Hikaru : Infinite Loop Mode

Posted by Kris | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | , | 0 comments »

I particularly like this song from Utada Hikaru , entitled "Keep On Trying", although I don't understand Japanese at all.I just like her voice and the rhythm of the melodic song. I just followed her VERIFIED twitter account @utadahikaru

Now trying to find her entire album collection lying in my 500GB harddisk to put it into my Galaxy Note playlist for my listening pleasures. I can listen to her in an infinite loop mode: hahaha, it really helps me to concentrate even during my days studying in the uni. Hope she took a look at this post and continue to make more music for me to listen.

I found this sound to be up-lifting, as in life we must always keep on trying to achieve our dreams such as in the music video where Hikki cosplays various roles, such as student, bus conductor, and even mayor giving their best while doing their job.

Well, for 2013, I am kickstarting all my side projects and collaborating it with my partners & friends :D Besides writing my 1st ebook. See here: My ebook.