Multiple Sources Of Income

Posted by Kris | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | | 3 comments »

We always heard of this term, "Multiple Source Of Income" being spun around in the financial freedom arena. Do you know what it means? Why does it matter to you??. Here are 5 reasons for you not to rely on a single income + (a video of) I find it to be very truthful. (P.S The blond girl in the video is very cute :p )  

In my honest opinion, multiple source of income means the different ways or methods you derived your income besides your 9am to 5pm job. There is a lot of ways to achieve this:

1. Investments in properties, mutual fund, sukuk bonds (see the coming DanaInfra sukuk that promises at least 3.7% semi annual payout), etc
2. Getting a part time job. (hopefully , you are able to keep your current job)
3. Owning an auto-pilot businesses that requires very little supervision, etc (starting a business in the beginning usually takes time)

But for me, in anything you do , you need to have passion in your work so it can be successful and fruitful. Don't you agree with me on this?

My multiple source of income are:

1. Investment in property, stocks and mutual funds. 
2. Income generated from my knowledge that I gained 

As I am too busy to have a part time job.. lol. P.S Blogging this site does not earn me any money. It is my passion :D

How about yours? Feel free to share your multiple source of income.


  1. Happy walker // 3:02 AM  

    same for passion~ XD

  2. Shane See // 11:50 AM  

    DanaInfra sukuk's expected yield is just too low for my appetite. i would prefer other alternatives. maybe that sukuk is more suitable for the older generation approaching retirement.

    I'm also passionate about blogging and this is my latest blog about personal invesment, long term investing, etc

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  3. Kris // 12:40 AM  

    Agree with you, Lonely :D