KnowThyMoney's Pick: Miss Cheongsam Penang 2013

Posted by Kris | Sunday, January 13, 2013 | , | 3 comments »

It is Sunday again. So some light reading today. (or viewing). I bet that like any financial blog, majority of my readers would be hot-blooded males. Girls rarely interested about financial related issues. (Average)

And Penang is either populated by pretty girls or they just like to do beauty contests. Since Chinese New Year 2013 is around the corner, it just perfect to do a cheongsam beauty pageant.

I 110% believe that cheongsam is one of the hardest outfit to wear for a girl to look very good it in. You need the right body proportion and curves to fit sexily perfectly into it.

So Parkroyal Penang has organized the following Cheongsam beauty pageant. Just go to their page and like your favorite cheongsam girl.

P.S I still think that some of them should pose differently and the photographer should post full body pics so that you know that the cheongsam looks good on the girls or not.

So here is KnowThyMoney's Top 3 pick, in no particular order. (There seems to be a coincidence that all my top 3 girls are "lucky numbers" aka 6,7,8

Lucky 7 : Pang Yi Chuen

Prosperous No 8 : Lee Kah Yee

No 6 Joanne Lee

And the rest of the contestants.

Tan Pei Yi

Tean Chooi Sean

Sylvia Ng Mei Wan

Tan Sim Nie


Kee Aiwei

Soo Wan Ee


  1. Happy walker // 12:56 AM  

    no 4th looks okay for me~

  2. Kris // 1:29 PM  

    We all have different tastes :D

  3. kampunginvestor // 6:10 PM  

    Am i at the right blog? ha ha..

    Tan Pei Yi looks sweet.. Joanne Lee also ok.. :)