Miss Cheongsam Charity 2011 Winner Results

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WINNING BEAUTIES: Wee (centre) poses for a photograph with (from left) Then, Yii, Bong and Tan.

The results for Miss Cheongsam Charity 2011 are out:

To recap, here is my pick last time:

No.1, Chien Joon Ching, aged 20 yrs
No.3, Hii Wee Chia, 
No.11, Yong Zi Hui, aged 21 yrs
No.15, Kong Ying Ying, aged 19 yrs
No.10, Bong Choon Na, aged 22

Here is the final judging result. Drum roll, please:

Miss Cheongsam Charity:                Wee Pek Choo (No.5)

1st runner up & Best Cheongsam: Bong Choon Na (No.10)
2nd Runner Up: Yii Mei Hong (No.9)
3rd Runner Up: Then Ching Xian (No.14)
4th Runner Up & Miss Friendship : Tan Chiou Yong (No.18)
Miss Talent : Chan Ngiik Mei (No.13)
Miss Charity: Sim Heng Leng  (No.4)
Miss Photogenic: Hii Wee Chia (No.3)

Conclusion: None of my picks matched the end result :( The closest i got was 1st Runner up, Miss Bong Choon Na & Miss Photogenic, Hii Wee Chia. One of the local forum ran a poll on who is the likely winner and their favorites are also very different from the final results. I guess this is a beauty pageant after all, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Maybe some of them look more beautiful face to face (photos can be deceiving with the advent of Photo-shopping) or my perception of beauty is unique.

This reminds me, in a short term period, stock picking is like picking a winner in a beauty pageant but in the long term it is like weighting machine for the true value of the stock. True value of a stock will eventually surfaced out sooner or later. But as part of human nature, we tend to pick "external beauty" versus "fundamental or inner beauty". Hence, the tendency to chase after rumors. :D

So here is the winner of Miss Cheongsam 2011 again for your viewing.
Miss Wee Pek Choo. Congrats to her.


  1. kampunginvestor // 11:35 AM  

    Hot stuff borther. Thanks for sharing! haha..

    The solo picture of the champion looks better! haha

    I guess she is a deservingly champion lar!

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. ChampDog // 3:28 PM  

    Wow, like that you also can relate it to stock! :) Well, I like girls who wear Cheongsam!

  3. Kris // 6:27 PM  


    The profile picture looks different compared than final event pictures.

    Yeah. Me too. Cheongsam is sexy :D

  4. ChampDog // 7:02 PM  

    You're one of the judges? :D

  5. Kris // 1:09 PM  

    Aiyah, ChampDog. You did not attend the finals event to see me in action. =)

  6. ChampDog // 9:09 PM  

    You should tell me early ma. :)

  7. Kris // 9:57 PM  


    Who is your favorite from all the girls even though the winner has been decided? :D

  8. ChampDog // 11:37 PM  

    First one is no. 1, Chien Joon Ching. :) Second one is no. 10 Bong Choon Na.

    This is just from the picture itself. :D Cheongsam have to sell whole body only can tell...

  9. Kris // 11:42 PM  

    Same pick as mine or you tiru tiru my answers..anyway too bad both of them did not win the crown =D

  10. ChampDog // 12:25 AM  

    Just realized my typo: "sell" -> "tell". Hahahaha...

    I guess we have the same taste.

  11. Kris // 8:16 PM  

    ChampDog, you typo again.. =D

    Cheongsam have to sell/tell whole body only can tell...

    Should be "SEE"..haha

  12. ChampDog // 10:57 PM  

    Yes, you're right. Guess I must be too tired of work recently. :(