Book Review: Renesial Leong's Your Tenant Your Jewels

Posted by Kris | Thursday, February 17, 2011 | | 0 comments »

Renesial Leong is known as the Property Queen in Malaysia. She has written a few books on property investing. "Your Tenant Your Jewels" is one of her series. I borrowed the complete series from a friend. I think started reading the series in the wrong sequence. I read finish the book just under 3 hours with intermittent breaks as I find that most of the jewels are pretty common sense ideas although some jewels are really the diamonds to a future property investor.

The diamonds are in IMHO is the various steps a landlord can protect their property using the LAW against unscrupulous tenants.(collecting deposits, furniture checklist, tenancy periods,etc) And also the various legal methods to put black & white in the tenancy agreement to give the options to increase rental yields in the future so that one can REAP in more $$$ into the pocket. She highlighted the importance of engaging professional law services to use the law to protect oneself. Hence, I truly believe that a good lawyer (even though it comes with an expensive fee) is very important as he/she will help you to protect/grow your wealth.

My rating is 6.5/10. (I will review the other series soon enough)