CIMBClicksEInvest Questions From Readers

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Due to a lot of questions from the readers on the benefits of CIMBClicksEInvest, namely its ease of use and cheaper entry into mutual fund. I would like to post up some of the interesting questions posed by readers regarding it for more detail clarification.

From IanKor

Hi Kris, from what you said, before we perform any transactions in CIMBClicks, we need to open an account in CIMB branch first.

My question is, do I choose the option of unit trust consultant or go direct with bank? I notice that both options have the same sales charge ~5%. If I choose unit trust consultant or go direct with bank, would I be able to view my unit trust account in CIMBClicks? And subsequently I can continue my 2-2.5% special charge in CIMBClicks.

Because according to one of the consultant, we won't be able to view it in CIMBClicks if we go thru consultant. Is it true?

Enlighten me :) Thanks in advance.

Kris: Hi IanKor, thank you for your question. As I mentioned before, for the 1st time, you need to go to buy with a financial consultant at the bank. These financial consultant usually are stationed at desks beside the main counter or you can ask around at the tellers that you want to invest in unit trust. These financial consultants, I believed are under CIMB Bank's payroll, thus they are not your common part time UT (Unit Trust) agents that earns a living solely by commission. And your first transaction to "open the CIMBClicksEInvest account" will be charged 5% because you did a transaction through an agent and not online. So buy the minimum number amount of funds from him/her to save cost!! :P

On the another note, i never had deal with a private UT agent to buy CIMB funds , thus i am not sure whether buying from them enables your account to be viewed through CIMBClicks. But I have a funds from CIMB Wealth Advisors and they have a different website to view. (Sigh!!, another password to remember). See my reply to the 2nd question for more detail on this.

Once your initial transaction goes through, you will be able to see your UT account number on CIMBClicks. Only then, now you can do your online buying transaction with the 2-2.5% "special" rate. :) Personally, i think the low rate is there because the transactions are done online and you don't need to give the 3% as commission to the agent. :P

Hope this helps you.
From Belacan,

"Take note again that you first need to have a unit trust account that you buy exclusively from a UT agent at the CIMB Bank and NOT independent agents."

Any UT agent from CIMB Bank? Is agent registered under CIMB Wealth Advisor considered as well? It will automatically appear in CIMBClicks or we need to apply for it even we have existing savings account in CIMBClicks?

Wanted to transact online thru CIMBClicks but need some direction ^^
The UT agents must be under CIMB Bank's payroll, aka usually they are the financial consultants at any given branch. I think it will not work if you to any "part-time" UTs even if they are registered under CIMB Wealth Advisor. Personally, long time ago before this CIMBClicksEInvest was available, i bought a few funds from a CIMB Wealth Advisor UT. And they have a another website to view your account. Furthermore, on that website you can only transact on funds that CIMB Wealth Advisor has under its umbrella. The total number of funds are lower as compared to CIMBClicksEInvest which has like ALOT of funds available, even from other banks.

Thus, I have asked the financial consultant during my "1st opening transaction" on whether I am able to link/transfer my CIMB Wealth Advisor account to be viewed on CIMBClicks. He mentioned that it is NOT doable because the CIMB Wealth Advisor account was another different entity even though it is under the CIMB corporation umbrella. I think it make sense as this type of cross-linkage are usually not possible even between subsidiaries entities.

I hope my answers will be able to satisfy your questions/enquiries and gives you an opportunity to invest mutual funds in the lowest possible entry point. Let me know if you have any more questions, dear readers.

Happy Investing!!!

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  1. lankor // 1:57 PM  

    Thanks Kris! You are a genius!

    Now before I start driving to my nearest CIMB branch, does any CIMB bank offer unit trust account opening service? or certain banks only?

    As your reply to user 'belacan' pointed out that CIMB Wealth Advisor is another separate entity, I guess it is best to go to CIMB Bank instead.

    Thanks again Kris!

  2. Kris // 9:48 PM  

    Yes. It is best to go to CIMB Bank. Visiting any large CIMB branch will be better.

    Let me know how it turned out. I think in the blogsphere, not many people blog about CIMBClicksEInvest, mostly likely people don't know about the cheapest entry fee in town.

    Most people go for PB Mutual funds, since they have the largest number of part time agents.

  3. belacan // 1:32 AM  

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation Kris. I went to CIMB Bank in Damansara Uptown yesterday and they told me they don't offer unit trust account service at this branch. They asked me to go CIMB Wealth Advisor (CWA) which is just 1 street away (It's the CWA HQ). Eventually, I went there and they had confirmed that opening a UT account at CWA will not be viewable in CIMBClicks.

    Anyway I will check out other CIMB banks next week as well. Hopefully it won't take long to have my UT account activated in CIMBClicks after applying with UT agent in CIMB Bank :)

  4. Kris // 3:21 AM  


    I am glad that i can help out . :P

    You need to wait for some time until they processed your application though. :P

    How did you find out about CIMBClickEInvest?


  5. belacan // 7:43 PM  

    I was exploring CIMBClicks and I found the low entry rate in the UT fund pricing tab.

    If i open my first UT account through my UT agent, would I be able to top up my first fund through CIMBClicks? In other words, i open my account with UT agent with minimum amount with 5% entre fee. But after that, if i want to top up the same fund, would I be able to top up through CIMBClicks on 2.5%? Or I must go through the agent with 5% again?

  6. Kris // 9:56 PM  


    Once you have the account in the CIMBClicks, any future top up purchases done online ONLY will incur the 2-2.5% service charge :P

    That is why i mentioned that for the 1st opening account transaction, try to buy the minimum amount only, usually 1000 units..hehehe

  7. lankor // 7:13 PM  

    I will go and visit CIMB Bank to open account most probably on this week Friday. I will let you know how it goes then.

    Looking at your reply, I thought that after opening 1st UT fund through agent, we can open other accounts and enjoy the 2.5% special charge. From your explanation to belacan, even the 1st UT fund you purchase through agent with minimum units, also can be topped up, well that's a good news for us :) but not for UT agent, lol

  8. belacan // 11:10 PM  


    Any fund to recommend as of now? Just some indicative opinion will do. Was thinking in investing in CIMB Principal Australian Equity Fund when I open my first UT account.

  9. Kris // 12:19 AM  

    Yes. After the 1st UT opening purchase, everything will be 2.5% if done online :P That is why i like CIMBClickEInvest.

    Well, in truth this will surely eat away the rice bowl of independent UT agents especially tech savy investors like you and me. But there still got a lot of rich uncle/auntie that depend on them.

    That is why you will only usually see only a small group of people that succeed tremendously in UT industry. Majority just fade away.

    I don't have any recommendations here. Generally, UT is for medium-long term investment. Don't give it a too high expectation. :P


  10. belacan // 10:22 PM  

    Hi Kris, agree with you. I guess will hold it 3 years and above. I will open account quite soon though. Try to invest some money in :)

    Thank you Kris :D :D

  11. lankor // 11:20 PM  

    I just opened a UT account with CIMB Bank through an agent. Wonder when will my account in CIMBClicks be activated. How long approximately we have to wait for activation in CIMBClicks? Can't wait to invest some money in.

    Thanks Kris~~

  12. Kris // 12:56 AM  


    I don't quite remember though :P Should be quite fast..1-2weeks perhaps?

    CIMB Bank has improved alot since its heydays..