World Cup: South Korea Vs Uruguay (1-2)

Posted by Kris | Saturday, June 26, 2010 | , | 2 comments »

Luis Suarez

I was rooting for South Korea. The early goal (8' mins) by Luis Suarez somehow suppressed Uruguay's play to that of a very timid team. The ball was flying across the goal and the keeper was unable to caught it and Suarez slotted it in.

Thus, South Korea literally ruled the ball possession during the second half and created tons of chances to score. Uruguay players never touched the ball even for a few mins!!.The high possession rate bore fruit when Lee Chung Yong scored a header from a corner at a very tight spot. Beautiful header.

The equalizer somehow awakened Uruguay's attacking spirit and normal ball possession returned to Uruguay. It as though that the Uruguay players suddenly know how to play football. Suarez again scored a late goal at the 80' mins to seal South Korea's fate and their ticket to the quarterfinals. The Korean keeper saved a very far reaching free kick earlier that would look like that the ball had already crossed the line when he caught the ball in his hands!!

Btw: I am rooting for Argentina and Germany. European football seems to be dead except for Germany & Netherlands. France, Italy has been ousted in the Group matches. England, Spain and Portugal is lacklustre, particularly England which is a waste of time even to watch them play. They do not seem to possess any fighting spirit at all even though the team consists of ALL-Star players in the Premier league. I guessed they are more concerned about avoiding injuries that could jeopardized their million dollar contracts on the EPL.

Tonite (27th June, 10pm, Malaysian time) is Germany VS England match..

GOGO Germany!!


  1. kampunginvestor // 5:01 PM  

    Took South Korea and eat 1/2 ball. My house rocked when South Korea equalized but went quite after Suarez scored the winner.. Dang it... T___T

  2. Kris // 6:09 PM  


    I thought if you took South Korea, ppl should let you have a handicap. :P