Book Review 2010: The Secret Of A Young Millionaire

Posted by Kris | Sunday, May 30, 2010 | | 3 comments »

I have been reading a lot lately. This is one of the new local book releases into the market. The book is about Ray Ling , a Sibu Sarawakian who became a millionaire by the age of 26 through MLM. Btw, he is now 31 years old, according to his Facebook account information.

On the reason why I bought this book , is honestly.... the nice clean design book cover (Millionaire & Secret sounds interesting) and Ray's handsome face..(I can hear a pin dropping in the walkway and jaws gawking at me. I am straight, okey!! and are the few minority of men who will admit if a guy is good looking). After seeing his Facebook account, you will find out that this picture is heavily "adobe photoshopped" to make him look fairer..LOL

The book itself tell his story from zero to hero to zero again and back to a hero again by setting up IBC corporation which generates millions of revenue through MLM marketing. Honestly, I never heard of this company before and the company is said to have branches all over major cities in Malaysia. IBC Corporation is said to be a very well-known company in Taiwan. A lot of the news about his company is in chinese, thus I will let my readers to find out by themselves on this subject matter.

The book content shows a very realistic and honest view given by Ray on being an entrepreneur, and are littered by Chinese proverbs. I really can feel the honesty coming from Ray, speaking on his turbulence experiences reaching the top. (Although the book left a gaping hole on how he became hero to zero during his early 20s successes. That is an interesting portion of his story that I am very curious to know about so that we can learn something from it. Pitfalls to avoid when you on the top of the world, etc)

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs are very sound and grounded. Pretty layman without any fancy or difficult to achieve ideas/complex philosophies. That's a major plus point.

The only thing that i would like to comment on this book is the periodic bad grammar on certain chapters as though that the book was written in Chinese (yes, there is a chinese version of the book) and was translated to English using softwares like Google Translator. Proof-reading is almost non-existence on the affected chapters. It was so bad that somehow I started to wonder whether the book was written by a few individuals as I noticed that the writing style changed a lot from chapter to chapter. This is quite evident even when excluding the bad grammar on certain chapters. Nevertheless, the consistency of the his ideas along various chapters kept my doubts at bay. I give him the benefit of the doubt :)

My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

+ Honest opinions on the business world
- Poor proof-reading efforts on the book

P.S I saw that this book is sold in Borders and Popular. The book is sold for RM38.90.


  1. Willsen // 4:55 PM  

    Both of them name Ray Ling and Kenneth Ang as a CEO and COO.These guy always cheating people and good to talk.

    I actually doing the design and renovation for them but got 2 times block cheque from bank.

    Until completed of works they said not same as drawing.I provided 3D drawing to them and deal with Kenneth Ang to approve before start works.

    These 2 guys owe me above RM 100 K++.

    One day my wife and I went to KLCC convention Centre then suddenly I saw these 2 guy doing the book fair on stage so call "Young Millianaire".

    Then I straight away talked to Kenneth,he so surprised that my appearance and so nervous.

    What you think he doing?He called all the Popular promoter step infront of me so that I can't to go up to stage which Ray Ling was make a signature to all he fans.

    Indeed Ray Ling was looked at me and pretended nothing.My wife and I just standing there and kept watching that show.

    Ray Ling's mother said that she so proud of her sons.

    Proud of cheating people?Cheatting investor,staff and supplier.

    And that Mercedes also not his own car.

    Untill now so call Ibio Corporation and all invesment link no longer there.

    30-4 & 32-4, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, Off Jalan Yew, Kuala Lumpur 55100

    Boutique local in Sarawak also no longer in Jalan Song and others.

    Website,twitter and facebook all under construction or empty.

    So you all still believe in what he wrote in "Young Millionaire".Nonsense.

    No fast money!!

  2. Kris // 4:36 PM  


    Any proof to your claims?


  3. Crane // 5:43 PM  


    What Willsen say is true, most of the book content are make-up stories and only part of the actual thing that happen.

    Trust me, who would share his success to people.