Sarawak Votes 7 May 2016

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Here we go!!

  • Will Sarawak be BN's fixed deposit again? 
  • Or Sarawakian will be demanding more dividend returns higher than the typical EPF? Autonomy.
  • 20% oil royalty back to Sarawak? The PM already shot down this request!
  • Will Adenan's popularity give him the 2/3 majority?
  • Will blackouts happen again during ballot counting?
  • Will PKR & DAP squabbling for seats hurt them? (There are seats where DAP will also contest against PKR?
  • Will we see another "Apa Cina Mahu Lagi" headline after the elections? Right now the ruling party is trying to woo the chinese with alot of promises and money aids.
Who knows? Just wait till tommorow ends. 

I will be watching my twitter feed for FASTER results than the slow-mo TV.

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Oh ya, I think the so-called "in-removable" ink is no longer in use anymore!!!