EquityCrowdFunding (ECF) Pitchin's 1st Attempt @Malaysia

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Waiting In Anticipation..

Recently Pitchin came to Penang to do a roadshow: Its purpose is to highlight  & educate the general public that they are coming out with the 1st issuer under the scheme around Mid May (I think). 

Unfortunately, they decided to do the roadshow during the working hour weekdays! So no idea on what is being presented. Did not see any slides on their official FB page after the event.

Nevertheless, I don't think that it will be something new from what is presented before on ECF structure and scheme. (Equity Crowd Funding).

Doing a roadshow on a weekdays will probably leave out alot of the "retail investors" aka people like me who can allowed to invest up to RM5,000 per company and up to RM50,000 per year in the scheme as dictated by the LAW.

Nevertheless, I personally think in general, they must have targeted the higher end of the investors - the "Registered Angel Investors" & "Sophicated Investors". See the definition here on how much you need to earn to be allowed to join the club. 

Because I did not attend the roadshow, I am not sure whether they give a hint of the 1st issuer startup/business that they are going to promote. First impression always count!! The business of courting investment funds is like wooing a girl that you like to go out on a 1st date! lol

The expectation is going to be high! because this is the 1st issue so they are right to be very selective. I am curious also about this :)

Nevertheless, Pitchin is going to take in "7% success fee" for the fund amount that successfully raised.

Do note that it is not uncommon out there in the market that there are individuals/companies that takes commission also doing investor-business owner matching schemes. 

Usually, the investors are high networth individuals, so normal "retail investors" will not have the chance to get into the "business/investment opportunities" #secretoftherich

The only DIFFERENCE here is that ECF scheme has a legal framework for the investors to an certain extent.

The COMMON thing is that there is NO guarantee that your investments will get good returns OR ANY RETURNS at ALL! 

What are your thoughts on this? Do post it in the comments below!

~Kris of KnowThyMoney.com