Wary Of Such Scammy Posts in Facebook

Posted by Kris | Sunday, July 26, 2020 | | 0 comments »

Seen alot of these being shared out on Facebook. These posts look sketchy, as they don't even mention how to do achieve the ludicrous gains. Instead they ask you to PM them. Lo and behold, many of the schemes asks you to invest a sum of money where the operator will so call invest in high risk instruments such as options.

If it sounds to good to be true, it is likely not. If they claim they can generate such high return, why do they need to spend time spamming the same post on Facebook every day! Sounds begging to me!

Post #1
Invest and earn WEEKLY
completely legal way
No need to sell stuffs 
No need to beg
No need to worry getting scammed (yeah, i am worried!)
Start small and build
**only few weeks left (ah, playing with the scarcity effect)
So PM me first if you are really really interested and start straight away.

Post #2
Im looking for a handful of people only who are really in need to earn extra cash in a weekly basis.
Weekly earning capability can be up to RM8700 per week or more if done right. (if done wrong, and total loss how ah??)
Not scam,mlm or promoting anything. ( a robber saying that he is not a robber..sounds familiar???)
Potentially replace your salary if you do it right. Again only a handful of people im willing to help start. (ever-so helpful to help people to part with their hard earn money) So pm me directly if interested tq.

Post #3
Earn while you sleep while you can. (wah so easy ah, then everyone so stupid for working)
Rm3400 to Rm8700 per week
Earning is weekly based. Direct into your acc on the 7th day. 
This is not moneygame,scam or mlm. Completely legal. (looks like NO shame in saying these statements)
Pm me for info tq