Outsourcing SEO Content: White SEO

Posted by Kris | Friday, July 24, 2015 | , | 1 comments »

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To increase traffic to website, nowadays you need good SEO (search engine optimization) content posted. It is alot of hard work especially when you need also to make sure that you content you posted is relevant and interesting to the readers which could mean more sharing, likes or retweet to the social media circles hence spreading the readership wider and deeper into the chain. You will can do some keyword research and insert those keywords into your articles helping search engine to highlight them more easily compared to other website. Well, for me personally, I don't really do much SEO in knowthymoney.com because I just blog about anything that interests me or things i think will benefit others financially.

Have no fear though...if you want to use SEO

You can always outsource the SEO content efforts and tasks to a third party that helps you in providing the necessary SEO content for a fee of course. The industry is calling them the "White Label SEO". (Click link to read more) They will provide solutions that comprehend the entire internet marketing strategy: email campaigns, social media & analyticals.  You will need the analyticals so that you can gauge whether your marketing campaign is effective and far-reaching or otherwise. You don't want to be spending & pumping money on something that is not working right?

Furthemore, I believe you can also be a reseller of these White Label SEOs aka you help to sell the services of others and get a commission for it. Nowadays it is easy to become an affliate seller for many many products out there.


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