Foreign Worker Earns RM5,000 In Malaysia

Posted by Kris | Monday, July 27, 2015 | | 2 comments »

Salary slip
Saw this going viral on Twitter. A supposedly foreign worker from Bangladesh is earning RM5,000++ per month base on his salary slip.

Not really sure whether this is a hoax or otherwise. (there is a company stamp) Nevertheless, I did some google-ing to see whether I can un-cover the some truth to it. Okey this is not some #1MDB expose, so don't shoot me if I get something wrong.

1. Mr Sapkota 's base salary is only RM900, which is coincidentally the minimum wage for employee working in Malaysia, even for foreigners. (Gaji pokok).

  1. Minimum Wages Policy has raised the basic wages of all employees to a minimum of RM900 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM800 in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan respectively. This means that as an employee in Malaysia, you have the right to expect minimum basic wages.
  2. 2. If you google Omniwise International Sdn Bhd, they do provide airport services & ground handling for Air Asia. (see embedded links)

    3. Mr Sapkota is indeed a hard worker with high OT claims. And also have additional allowances. Not sure what is the "pelarasan" accounts for? It is a huge amount though, not sure whether it is one off item in his pay-check. It is a whooping RM2,000++.

    4. The only deduction from his pay is for khairat (I think is a form of life insurance & compensation) & his hostel stay. Quite cheap only a total of RM52. Wow...

    5. As he is a foreign worker, his employer do not need (not obliged) to contribute to his EPF & Sosco. 

    See here on EPF exemptions:

    >> Are foreign citizen employees required to contribute?
    No, foreign citizen employees are not required but have an option to contribute. If employees has opted to make a contribution, both such employee and employer shall be liable to contribute and the option may not be revoked

    Socso requirements

    • Seseorang yang diambil bekerja oleh sesuatu majikan di bawah kontrak perkhidmatan atau perantisan merupakan seorang pekerja seperti mana takrifan di bawah Akta. Perlindungan PERKESO hanyalah untuk pekerja warganegara Malaysia dan Pemastautin Tetap sahaja. Semua pekerja yang layak perlu didaftar dan dicarumkan dengan PERKESO tanpa mengira status perkhidmatannya sama ada sementara, sambilan, percubaan, kontrak atau telah disahkan dalam jawatan.

    6. One thing to note here is that he did not need to pay any income tax. Typically salary slip will show deductions for monthly income tax deductions (PCB, Potongan Cukai Bulanan). We are not sure whether he consistently earn around RM5,000 every month. If so, RM5,000 x 12 = ~RM60000 (even deducting some basic deductible, this salary range will be liable) will be his annual income. At this level, I am sure that he will surely be required to pay income tax as this amount exceeded the income bracket required to pay taxes. See below.

    Otherwise, with minimum wage, he is not liable to pay income tax due to his income bracket.

    Tahun Taksiran 2015
    Banjaran Pendapatan Bercukai
    Pengiraan (RM)
    Kadar %
    0 - 2500
    2,500 pertama
    2,501 - 5,000
    2,500 berikutnya
    5,001 - 10,000
    5,000 pertama
    5,000 berikutnya

    10,001 - 20,000
    10,000 pertama
    10,000 berikutnya

    20,001 - 35,000
    20,000 pertama
    15,000 berikutnya

    35,001 - 50,000
    35,000 pertama
    15,000 berikunya

    50,001 - 70,000
    50,000 pertama
    20,000 berikutnya

    70,001 - 100,000
    70,000 pertama
    30,000 berikutnya

    100,001 - 150,000
    100,000 pertama
    50,000 berikutnya

    150,001 - 250,000
    150,000 pertama
    100,000 berikutnya

    250,001 - 400,000
    250,000 pertama
    150,000 berikutnya

    Lebih 400,000
    400,000 pertama
    setiap ringgit berikutnya


    Nevertheless, objective of this post is to tell you that if you work hard like Mr. Sapkota, you can earn a good salary for yourself. We should not be jealous or envious about a foreign worker earning quite a handsome salary, as this is honest hard work. (Malaysia had to rely on foreign labor because locals do not want to work in these very labor intensive jobs for a minimum wage). He earn what he sowed. He surely work very hard and long hours as seen by his OT claims. (Airport does not sleep even on holidays)

    I bet he saves alot to remit back his salary back to his family back home. Family, that is the motivation to work hard for a better future for them. ( I typically do see alot of foreigners in remittance center at the end of month, remitting their money back to their families)


  1. ChampDog // 7:56 PM  

    Does Malaysia have law that not allow to work more than certain hours? :) Otherwise, he can't earn more although he can! :)

  2. Kris // 10:36 PM  

    Malaysia do have such law. I believe cannot OT more than 60 hours per month that what i heard long time ago.