I Completed Half Marathon PBIM2014

Posted by Kris | Monday, November 17, 2014 | | 1 comments »

My Half Marathon Medal, yeah!!
I completed my 1st Half Marathon medal in my life! yesterday!!. 21KM seems so short for me actually unlike the 1st time I attempted before when I was much younger and un-prepared at all. That time ended badly as I could not really walk after the marathon and without a medal to show.

Last year, I just got my 10Km medal.So consider big improvement right? :D 

I was chased by dog and that dog is called PERSISTENCE. Dogged by PERSISTENCE. Pun intended.

So this year, I fulfill my goal, even though my time is nothing to brag about. But at least I got the medal. My left leg cramped and jam up as I reached about ~1km from the finishing line. I was nervous that I could not completed in time, so i tried walking as fast as I could.

Even after the race, my leg fortunately did not felt pain as much as I had last time. I could still walk as per normal! Maybe that was my constant on-off running throughout the year?! I was mildly sick for long periods during September & October, so could not do much running.

So next year Full Marathon?!

The answer is NO. The reason is that the girl that I admire only do Half Marathon. And after the marathon, my leg did not ache yesterday but my heart was aching with disappointment because I did not have a chance to take a photo with her with the medal. 

She left before I could search and found her because the line (phone & internet) was so bad. I only do Half Marathon solely for this opportunity. (if it were my old self, I rather go to sleep (waking in the midnight to run is ....) as I since a kid is more an academician rather than a doing physical sport/activities).


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