Beat Wall Street !!

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, November 26, 2014 | | 0 comments »

I saw this new app at ITune Store. It is called Beat Wall Street!! Basically it is a platform to do simulated trading using the app. If you managed to emerge top of the cream, you get the opportunity to win prizes!

I went to the website and have a look at the current leaders for the student segment. The only business school that I know by name is the Harvard Business School (2nd place for Nov) & MIT  (no.9). Looks like there is no ASIA representative in the student category.

From the interface, it looks cool but unfortunately I don't have an Ipad or Iphone as I switched to Android camp for a long time already. But if there is an Android version of the app, I will surely join and test out my trading skills.

A good app to try if you dont have enough of stock trading games after the Kenanga Stock Trade Challenge.

Some description of the app. Only available in Itunes though.

The stock market game beat Wall Street is a new and exhilarating stock game where players get to challenge each other’s abilities in the real time stock markets across the globe. So why would you like to play our stock market game with other stock market games out there. The answer is simple, prizes. If you are looking at a stock game, finance game, equity game or anything of the sorts, you most likely have an interest in the stock markets, either as a professional, trainee, student or novice. With Beat Wallstreet, winners get prizes for winning the stock game like Ipads, Iphones and the ability to attain internships with top investment banks and brokers.

Stock market game features:

Stock market play: You compete every month in a new stock market competition and check this out! You have the ability to trade 7 different stock exchanges across the globe. 
Individual stock game: Players of our stock game have the ability to challenge any other stock market trader within the game. The challenged player has the ability to accept or decline. If accepted, the challenge is on and the player with the largest profit at the end wins. Only increases and declines in portfolio value during the challenge are taken into account

Team stock market game: Players have the ability to form teams and once the team minimum of 5 players has been reached, the team can then challenge other teams. A combine average of the stock portfolios of the team determines which team win the challenge. 

National stock game: Winners tables are published live to show how players from your country are performing in the stock market game in comparison to other nationalities once the minimum amount of players from your country has been reached. 

Charts: All players in our finance game have access to real time charting for the stocks which are featured in the stock game. 

Stock markets: We have 7 different stock markets featured at the present time and we will be adding more, if you have a market which you want added, please send us and email via our website and have your friends do the same requesting so. We need to see a lot of interest in a specific stock exchange before we will add it.

Business Schools: With over 500 business schools featured in our educational stock game, players have the ability to pit their wits against other students from business chools across the globe. Can Harvard or Stanford beat London School of Economics? Can your School? Join now! If you lead the mobile stock game after 3 games you can be eligible for an internship at a top broker in Europe and US.

Got what it takes to beat the stockmarket in realtime? Our business game is a 100% real stocktrading simulation where you get 1 million virtual dollars to spend on stocks from 7 markets. You can challenge your friends, business school or participate in country challenges. Win an IPad Air, Iphones, cash prizes and internships in top investment banks and brokerages.