Scam: Fake Maybank Website

Posted by Kris | Thursday, October 09, 2014 | | 0 comments »

Notice there is no secret picture

Maybank is one of the biggest bank in Malaysia. And also one of the most popular target by fraudster trying to phish your password by setting a fake website that mimic Maybank's real website.

Only this year, I opened up a Maybank account in my entire life. (unbelieveable but true)

But the strange thing is that after I opened an account, i started to receiving phishing emails delivered to my work email!! Usually my companies' mail system will filter this kind of junk mail, but i still kept on getting it. 

I suspect that somehow my email was leaked out when i opened up an Maybank account, else what the heck the fraudster know that I have a Maybank account and try to con me into clicking a fake link that will link me to a phishing fake Maybank website?

If i don't have a Maybank account in the first place, then it is unlikely i will fall into such a trap. The coincident is so eerie that only when i have an account that the phishing starts.

I seldom see phishing email targetting other banks that I have. 

Notice there is no reminder to indicate the real link

This is something you cannot fake. Always remember to see the full http link on your browser

Phishing email