I am Speaker: Victor Gu @Youtube Clip

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I am Speaker judges

I just google for this video as I find it interesting; 

The "I am Speaker" reality show judges are famous people that I grow up to watching: Dicky Cheung & Carina Lau. And of course the very sharp witted judge Le Jia. The other female judge , I am not sure who is she.

I cannot really understand the entire speech because my Chinese is not so good, as I come from a mission national school. Hence, mission schools is always dear to my heart as they provided the earliest form of western education to my father and myself indirectly.

Nevertheless, as i grow older, I believe to preserve my own cultural identity , I feel it is important to learn and write Mandarin. Nevertheless, that desire do not make me less of a Malaysian. I very much like to eat nasi lemak, roti canai, etc, something i missed alot when I went oversea. :D

Hence, I wish to my future children to learn Chinese to preserve our culture.