Genneva Client's Strike Back

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The Dark Force
Looks like the Genneva Saga has not yet ended. The genneva victims clients just file a lawsuit against the Genneva company and also the Bank Negara as co-defendant.

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 1,065 people are suing gold trading firm Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd for breach of contract and have named Bank Negara as a co-defendant in the claim.
The plaintiffs, who filed their suit at the KL High Court civil registry on Monday, are claiming that they suffered losses from having entered contracts with Genneva Malaysia and are seeking an order to release the gold and monies owed to them, worth over RM146mil.
Lawyer Yudistra Darma Dorai said his firm has be engaged by Gold Bullion Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia to represent the plaintiffs.
I am wondering what kind of lawsuit claims were launch against Bank Negara (co-defendant) did its duty to protect investors from potential malpractices.

Should be Genneva itself launch a lawsuit against Bank Negara for "disrupting" their company's profile and image with the file seizures and high publicity investigations.

Don't think this will be a quick and cheap courtcase.  See the last post that I had in this blog that was dated 2012!!.

The sure winners at the end of the long tunnel? Of course the lawyers :D