Ringgit Is All 5-yr High Versus Thai Baht

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, June 03, 2014 | | 0 comments »

Forex - Thai Baht vs Ringgit Malaysia.
The constant political unrest at our neighbours' soil, Thailand is really hitting their currency hard. 

Now even the Ringgit Malaysia is going to hit a 5 year high versus the Baht.

From the chart you can see that the Thai Baht start to deteriorate versus the Ringgit Malaysia as early as 2013 (9.32 baht is equivalent to RM1). So the lower the graph , it means that the Baht is strong, while the higher it goes it means it is weaker against the ringgit. It is in inverse order. :)

Now it is roughly (10.2 baht is equivalent to RM1).

Hope everything gets well for them as usually those that suffers the most are the common people; especially those whose rice bowls are derived from tourism.

In the meantime? Forex ? Anyone?