FastTrack Way To Browse Property

Posted by Kris | Sunday, June 01, 2014 | , | 0 comments »

KL scene - I like this picture a lot

I almost finish paying off my 1st car's loan, so with some monthly cashflow available , I was thinking of getting another property for investment purposes.

It takes alot of time to browse thru the normal property website to find good deals since some of the interfaces are not so friendly and cluttered. You need to click here and there, and there is so many buttons appearing. (Maybe I am getting old)

So I tried out using the app to flip thru property listings. I like the clean and easy to use interface that comes with the app. I just want to quickly glanced thru all the properties available. There are some good gems lying around once in a while.

I guess other property listing sites should have similar apps, but i will try them one at a time since now my 2 year old plus smartphone is lagging and slowing down like a turtle. Maybe it is time for an upgrade :)

P.S I am not looking for a new car

Furthermore, this apps give me the opportunity to fill up my idle time instead of following many young people's footstep of browsing Facebook day and night. For me, browsing Facebook is so damn boring and wasting time, especially if you have friends that like to post anything under the sun. I never played Facebook games or stayed loyal enough to play repetitive app games on my smartphone. 

For me, finding ways to make money is very fun and exciting. You will surely will never get bored of it once you are addicted to the game. It is not about the numbers though but about the journey to financial freedom.

 Good will hunting :)