Welcome 2014 & Looking Back 2013

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2014 new year
Happy New Year 2014

Looking Back 2013

Resolution 2013 - How did it go?

1. Need to exercise more and lose some weight. I want to attempt the half marathon this year. This requires some training, as the last time I attempt it it took me 3.5 hours, I think which is over the limit by 0.5 hour. And, the next day I was walking like a crab. And I did it when I was way younger than I am ow. I scare "pancit" later if I don't train for it :D The worst scene for me is when I see a lot of aunties overtaking me during that marathon run. T.T

Lose a few KGs just before the marathon run, and now I can fit back some of my shorts as my waistline shrinks. Nowadays, I need to tighten my belt alot to avoid my baggy pants dropping down in public! Not sure how much I weigh right now though, as I did not weigh myself lately.

2. Get up an running my personal project. Really need to push for this. Hopefully, I am not overburdened with my work with the new re-organization at my workplace.

Not achieved at all. T.T However, received a quite a lot of freelance work that I can quickly complete to earn some pocket money.

3. I hope to deepened my faith since this is the Year of Faith. I would like to join some bible study, etc since the last time I had something similar is during my baptism year. That was a LONG time ago. I been doing some soul searching this year, as after years of heavy workload, I am on the edge of burning out. 

Attended a series of bible classes for a few weeks. Don't think this will make me a saint but it is a start to learn more about my own faith.

What I Achieved In 2013

As of now, I could not think of any extra-ordinary achievements that I had on 2013. Hmm..

I did all I could , with my best efforts & time to woo the girl that I like. So there is no regret although I get relegated to the dreaded "FRIENDZONE". I did a lot of things just to have a chance to get close to her ; Here are a  few notable stupid things I do when in pursue of happiness.

a) Inviting her & was surprised & elated that she was joining the same training class as me, since I was just trying my luck her to introduce it to her. The biggest mistake I made was not sitting beside her (something I regret at many points), and sat with my buddy instead since I like to sit in-front of lessons. I have this trait as a kid as I have poor eyesight without glasses when I was young, so i need to sit at the front row in my class to see the blackboard. Even after I got my glasses, I could not see things clearly if i sit too far behind.

b) Join the same weekly gym class as her as i accidentally discovered her weekly workout schedule..hehehe. Before that I was very lethargic to doing exercise even though my fitness level is plummeting year by year. Beside doing a workout, I get to have some time with her..lol. So killing 2 birds with a single stone. (And some people thought that I was so hardworking to join the gym class due to the super body fit, spandex wearing & young, pretty, hot woman instructor!!)

c) Learn how to fold origami for her. See some of my works in my instagram account @knowthymoney. I like origami folding since a kid as my father taught us kids alot of different shapes and animal foldings. But as i get older, I don't really have time to do it anymore. Going to pass this knowledge to my future kids as this is a good brain stimulating & creative exercise.

The next day after the FRIENDZONE declaration, I accidentally stumbled into meeting her in the unlikely scenarios & got stuck in an elevator?!. Imagine the awkward moment (deep in my heart & brain..it was damn sh@&^*, why when you don't really want to meet someone due to the super awkward moments, you will happen to meet them. Whereas there are times, you hope deeply you see him/her, you never even get to see their shadows...Oh the IRONY) 

But...she is worth all the effort & time. A great girl with many admirers (my Ex-competitors, since I am TKO out of the game..lol)

Resolution for 2013

1. Planned to get fitter and do a body checkup to see whether there is any improvement to my health since I am losing weight healthily now. I planned to build up my muscle mass, as I believe this is the missing piece of my unsuccessful losing weight in the past. 

Need to balance running/jogging with weight/muscle building routine. Another key is consistency in doing your daily routines. 

Stress goal for 2014 is having a six pack :D I don't think it is impossible as my friend lost 30Kg++ from 100Kg to 70kg by exercise alone in 5 months without taking any supplements.

2. Run 22KM half marathon end of the year. I did not really imagine I could even do 10KM before in my life within the timeframe to get a medal because I am that not a very active person in life abeit alot of new year resolution to improve my health thru fitness exercises.

Pursuing her was the trigger to join the marathon as I knew that she easily got a medal the year before for the 22KM marathon!!( although I was alittle surprised) So I am being KIASU here..but I still go on for 10KM as I know my own body limits ( previously, i could not even jog 400ms without feeling like crap) and she told me she would not take part this year.

So the training for the 22KM was for 2014, so at least I can show-off a bit mah and at least say I can complete the same 22KM event category as her. Even after the FRIENDZONE announcement, I still want to continue this event for my OWN PERSONAL achievement for 2014!!! :D

3. Work Life Balance & Opportunities soul-searching - This is something I need to achieve in my life as I grow older as I am not as energetic as I was young so I cannot work long hours as I can easily fall sick due to the lack of sleep. And I want to spend more time with my family and lookout for more side-income opportunities as I may love my work, but I must not love my company and give everything to the company.

Lastly if this is on everyone's mind:

I will not make it a resolution to get hitched even though alot of people is nagging advising me (just for the sake of getting hitched). This is what I mentioned to her as I move on with my life as I am contented with my single-hood life before I met her.

A lot of people make a FATAL mistake that they say they will ONLY be truly happy if they get a partner (to avoid loneliness,etc). But I say to you; how are you are going to be truly happy even if you found the love of your life IF you are not happy about yourself in the first place before. 

Happiness & joy will double when you have someone to share them with while sorrow & sadness is halved when you have a shoulder to cry to.

Happy New Year 2014!! And looking forward for the Chinese New Year . It is a Horse year..and 2014 will be  a HORSEH YEAR!!!


  1. ChampDog // 7:42 PM  

    Happy new year, man! In class, I always sit at the back because can "kaw lui" :) Kakaka!!!

    All the best, man! Wish you can find someone soon will one day to be your wife.