KnowThyMoney Make Money Online #4 Series: SEO Techniques

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SEO has a lot of components

As Google is the dominant world search engine, getting buddy buddy with Google is very important to ensure that traffic from keyword searches will display your website in a higher ranking. The best of all is organic searches directing traffic to your website because these are FREE. You don't need to pay any money to drive traffic to your site. Hence SEO optimization is very important for any website globally. (Some exception is China, who restrict heavily the usage of Google. Hence Baidu is the leading search engine in China)

google links
Frustrated by Google algorithms

The following items are the things you to know when you want to make money online even in Malaysia

1) Google Page Ranking Methodology
2) Back-Linking 
3) Cloaking 
4) The DO and Don't of Google - You don't want to get banned or 'sandbox' by Google
5) Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
6) Keyword & its relationship with the Customer targetting
7) Page Optimization
8) Keyword Stuffing & Dynamic URLs

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