KnowThyMoney Make Money Online #3 Series: Viral Marketing

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Do you know who this girl is??

Do you know who is the beautiful girl in this post? I will bet that at least 80% people do not know she is!! Continue to read more about her and why viral marketing is very important to make money online!!

Viral marketing techniques in Malaysia itself is no different than what has been done in the US.

She is not remembered for her beautiful looks. She is Rebecca Black, a virtually unknown who become INFAMOUS for most damn and criticized song on Youtube. She is so much hated that she have around 1,000,000 dislikes in Youtube.

But for marketing purposes, she really make a milestone in advertising herself to the music industry. Her lousy singing and music managed to generate 56,000,000 views!!! So much for lousy singing!!

And she have 384,000++ fans for her youtube channel. So now who is REALLY the winner here!!

Just check out her 'LOUSY' song/singing below. I should have do some of my off-tune singing  voice and upload to Youtube and I should be expected to be more famous than her since my singing sucks!!!

Remember this guy??

 Fancy buying this glossy photos of William for $10 each plus $7 ??Google for his fanpage!

There is alot of way of doing viral marketing for your website/products/services, etc. Not to mentioned strategy too. It depends on your genre,niche and type of the product you want to market.

P.S If you look like William Hung and dance like him, please audition to Malaysia Idol and become a 'Star'. Else please don't quit your day job.

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william hung
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  1. Henry Tan // 10:41 PM  

    aiks. but famous for the wrong reason also risky.. unless u can turn it around at the end. >.<

  2. Kris // 8:55 PM  

    A good example is Namewee, that guy really is very clever in turning notoriety to popularity in some way.

  3. ChampDog // 6:02 PM  

    Lousy meh? Acceptable to me. :)

  4. Kris // 5:39 PM  


    Are you willing to fork money to buy Rebecca Black's album? :D That is the test for you..

  5. ChampDog // 5:59 PM  

    Hahaha... no. :)