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Posted by Kris | Sunday, August 04, 2013 | | 3 comments »

zhang ziyi reading book
Zhang Zi Yi?
I am in the process of updating my personal financial blog lists that I read constantly to keep me updated on the latest trend and also to predict the coming trend in our ever challenging economic outlook. (Inflation is seriously very high year by year with no pause in sight. Maybe an interest hike end of year might do some dampening?)

The reason for me updating are as follows: (still updating)

1) The blogger went AWOL for a very long time. Aka no updates.Looks like some financial bloggers just fizzled off. Perhaps there is no monetary returns for doing so. More on this to the point 2.

I don't make money off my blog but I still write , simply because I like personal finance topics and in some way annotate my journey to achieve financial freedom.

2) Here is point number 2. I had to remove some finance blogs on my list simply because they restrict their blog readership to invitation only. The reason to do so i think is simply because they make their blog PAY-PER-VIEW aka you need to pay some membership fee to access their blog posting. Usually these blogs are related to stock analysis/picks. 

Oh well, at least these bloggers continue to blog because of the monetary returns. Good for them. ^_^

3) The good thing is that I found more noteworthy free, new, active financial bloggers out there that is willing to share their knowledge for free for now at least before they become 'too popular'. Or I am just being pessimistic since nowadays nothing is free.

So the old must go so that the new can come in.


  1. Happy walker // 4:55 AM  

    thanks for sharing the list! huat ah!

  2. ChampDog // 1:07 PM  

    Thanks, my link still in your list although I"m not that super active! :) Maybe one day, I will be super not active, then I will be gone from the list. But I will try my best la to keep it active as I like you, I enjoy sharing things. :)

    Is it because some are due to the expense on their domain & hosting? You're one of them who has survived with own domain after so many years! :)

  3. Kris // 10:26 PM  

    Domain name is cheap. You can get it for like USD10 for a year.

    You can always host for free on services like blogspot, wordpress, etc.